Catching feelings

This is a girl, named Kate, her boyfriend died in a car accident, her mom died suddenly, her father died of a heart attack and her girl band breaks up. So she decides to start a new life In London. There she falls head over heels with no other than Harry styles!

P.s. this is my first Movella tell me what you think!


22. getting along

Kate's P.O.V   I woke up in Harry's room the next morning. I don't remember getting here at all. I got up out of the bed and changed out of my pj's and got into orange skinny jeans and a white top. I smelled Pancakes! Yum! I raced down the stairs to find Harry flipping pancakes. I walked over to him and put my arms around his waist and felt him jump. He turned around and kissed my forehead and said " morning princess." I smiled and said "morning Prince Charming." he brought me a pile of pancakes and set it in front of me. I finished breakfast and sat down on the couch and was fast asleep before i knew it.    Harry's P.O.V   I finished making breakfast and went upstairs. I passed Kate asleep on the couch. I smiled. She's so cute when she' s asleep. I got dressed and went back downstairs to find Kate awake talking to my mum. They both glanced up when they saw me. K walked over to my mum and gave her a kiss on the cheek and sat next to Kate. She smiled when I sat down and I listened to what they were talking about before dosing off myself. When I woke up I found Kate and my mum still talking. I smiled. They are getting along great. 

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