Catching feelings

This is a girl, named Kate, her boyfriend died in a car accident, her mom died suddenly, her father died of a heart attack and her girl band breaks up. So she decides to start a new life In London. There she falls head over heels with no other than Harry styles!

P.s. this is my first Movella tell me what you think!


5. annivesiery

Kats P.O.V Chapter 5   I woke up in the hotel room and the boys had already left for sound check,and it was just Kate, Paisley, tammy and I. So we all go down to le croissant for some french pastries and we walk in and theres this girl that i recognize from twitter who was always on and always posting pictures of herself, she said she lived in London but was spending the week in Paris. She recognized Kate and I and waved, went over and sat down and started talking.    " hi i'm Emily." she said   We got to know each other and eventually invited her to dinner with us and the boys.      Harry's P.O.V   "That's what makes you beautiful." i sang as i ended what makes your beautiful at our sound check the whole time i was singing it i was thinking about kate and how she doesn't know she's beautiful. We ended sound check and i practically ran to the car b ecause tonight was Kate and I's one month anniversary tonight, and we will be going out to dinner to celebrate. I head to Louis Vuitton and buy her the best purse i can find.    The sales lady talked in all french which lucky for me i speak fluent french so i knew what she was saying.   I found a purse and bought, it then went back to my flat and changed into my clothes looked at the clock and figured out that I have a little time to kill so I got on twitter.    Kate's P.O.V   I open the door to find Harry standing there with a box of chocolates and a bouquet of roses.    I grab my present for Harry and go to the car with him. We get in the car and drive to the restaurant.   When we were walking to the restaurant I realized I left my phone in the car.     All I could think about was my phone and getting back to Harry before we got recognized and asked a million questions.   I opened the car door when I see flash and I hit the ground.   Harry's P.O.V   I hear this sound of a car swerving and look to see what happened when I see a blue pickup truck crushed into the side of my Lamborghini and all that was going through my mind was one word and one word only. "Kate."   I run over to my car to find kate lying on the pavement still breathing but unconscious. I fumble to get my phone but I finally get a hold of it and call the ambulance.    As they drive up I stay by Kate and get into the ambulance.    Zayn's P.O.V   Nothing could ruin this night. Niall managed to find a Nando's and we all went out to dinner. Harry and Kate were supposed to meet us but their running 30 minutes late. My phone starts buzzing crazily as I pull it out and answer it. It's Harry.    "Zayn. Zayn you guys have to come now. It's Kate." he says panicked.    " Harry slow down, what's wrong and where are you?"    "I'm at the hospital. Kate got hit by a car."   I tell the boys and we drive as fast as we can over there only to find Harry crying and breathing heavily and Kate in the room across from him. The doctor comes out of her room and calls him in.    Harry's P.O.V   I walk into the room and approach the bed where Kate is.    "Harry " she says   She's awake. "yes Kate it's me Harry I'm here and I won't leave until you do."   She smiled widely. Wider than I've ever seen her smile. The doctor looked at her and said. "hmmm that's weird... Normally they don't start smiling again until a week after their accident. She must really love you."   And that made me smile.   Kate's P.O.V   head. Hurts. Neck. Yep that hurts too. But all that pain melts away when Harry walks in the room. "Harry" I say as I start to smile. Which makes him smile. He's worried about me, I can tell. "harry, I love you."  Then his smile fades and he says "it's my fault, I shouldn't have made you go get your phone I should have told you to leave it. I'm so sorry."  "Harry don't ever say that, it's not your fault and never will be." I respond.    Louis' P.O.V   Harry was sitting next to me. He couldn't sleep or wouldn't sleep until Kate was safely out of the hospital. I kinda felt bad for him I mean really, the boy needs his sleep. I try to comfort him best I could but it was no use. Finally I said "just ask if they have an extra hospital bed to pull up next to hers so you can at least get some sleep." the next  nurse that walked by I asked them if that was possible to do and we made arrangements  to have Harry sleep in the same room as Kate and hopefully get some sleep.   Niall's P.O.V   The next day Kate was released and her arm was broken. Harry couldn't stand that she was in so much pain so he stayed with her in her hotel room for at least a week getting her whatever she wanted.    Kate's P.O.V   I got out of the hospital and I was starting to feel better. I was feeling bored so i turned on the x-factor and watched that for a while, then when that ended i got on twitter. Just as i was about to tweet about my getting better, i heard a knock on the door i got up to answer it. I opened it up to find Harry standing there wearing a tux. and holding roses and a box of chocolates.   "Hey love hows your arm." he said with a quick peck on the cheek.    "I'm fine and what's up with the tux and might I add these roses are lovely." I said   " well we never got our anniversary dinner." he said.   " well where are we going ?" I said.   "where ever you want to love." he said with a smile.   Liam's P.O.V   Paisley, Tammy, and Kat were saying something about some girl they met named Emily. I called her and asked her if she wanted to get some pastries and tea. I walked up to the cafe and sat down when this beautiful girl walked up to me and introduced herself to me as Emily. The girls described her but I never imagined her to be this gorgeous. I was nervous and I thought she could tell but I don't think she noticed. When it was done I offered to take her home and she let me. When we got to her door she said she had fun. And I'm glad because I did too. I told her goodnight and headed on my way back to the hotel to tell the boys about it.   

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