More than friends

Old friends meet again. Louis and Sarah knew each other before the excavator ripped them apart. But their back. And they can't help but fall in love.


1. Sarah Ann parks

Hi! I'm Sarah! Ummm I guess I'm supposed to tell you about myself. Ummmm I'm not very open and hate most people. I am slow to trust people. The only people I trust are.... Only person I trust is.... my little brother, Everett, who is seven. My mom left us cuz she didn't want us, and our dad... Well lets just say he's given me more than my fair share of bruises, cuts, and broken bones. He never touches Evvy though. If he did I swear to god... My little brother is the most important thing in the world to me, and I would NEVER put him in an orphanage. since I'm 16, I'm not legally allowed to live alone, but I couldn't care less what the law says. It says your not supposed to beat your children till they are black and blue. So me and Evvy stay with "dad". Any way enough ranting, you probably don't care. So about me, ummm, I bake and cook well, I love to sing, but only to myself and Everett, and my favourite colour is orange, also I hate bullies, and fake people.
I have shoulder length blond hair, that waves naturally, and chocolate brown eyes that are unreadable because I hide my emotions.
I wear contacts sometimes, and glasses other times. I got to go make dinner, BYEEEEEE!

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