More than friends

Old friends meet again. Louis and Sarah knew each other before the excavator ripped them apart. But their back. And they can't help but fall in love.


4. Chapter 3

Harry's POV

Who the heck is this girl? Who's the little boy? Am I the only one who's noticed the little boy sitting there? Like seriously.
"Um Lou? Who exactly is she?" I questioned, curiosity getting the best of me.
"Her? This is Sarah. She was-is my best friend since first grade. When this bully tried to give me a swirly, she actually walked in the boys bathroom, pushed the bully away, told him to go die in a hole, and saved the day. We became best friends that very day." He whispered, his eyes never leaving hers. She walked up to him and whispered something in his ears. His face looked shocked, then quickly turned to furious. She was literally shaking in fear. He lifted a hand, and it looked like he was going to hug her, but she ducked and flinched.
"DON'T HIT MY SISTER!" Came a little cry. We all looked down to see the little boy pummelling Louis with his tiny little fists.
"No! I won't let you!" He screamed. She ran and grabbed the little boy.
"Everett, buddy, remember Louis? He used to take us to ice cream, remember?" She murmured to him. He looked up from her arms to Louis, who was taller then him, even in her arms. His eyes were confused.
"Why would you try to hit her then? I thought you were my friend!" He said, hurt flashing through his eyes.
"No Ev, I promise, I was going to brush the hair out �� of her eyes." He said. I chuckled at his wide eyes. It was like Sarah noticed me for the first time. She hid behind Louis and Everett buried his head in her shoulder. Niall awwwwed. Liam just stared blankly at them. Zayn was the same.

Sarah's POV

I'm so glad he remembers me and doesn't hate me. I was really scared there. But now I gotta ask if I can live with him. I'd do it later. When we were alone. Seriously four boys are staring at me, Everett and Louis. I heard a snicker. It came from a guy with brown curly hair and green eyes. I sent him my largest death glare. He looked down immediately and I let a tiny smile tug at the corner of my lips. Louis always said i had the best death glare in the world. The blonde shot me a look that stated he didn't trust me. I bounced Everett on my hip and bent over to Louis.
"They hate me." I whispered in his ear.
"Why don't they trust me Louis? What did I do wrong? Why doesn't anyone like me. Why does the whole world hate me? Why does no one love me? Why?" I whimpered, a tear slowly leaking down my cheek. He wiped it away and grabbed my free hand. He leaned in so our foreheads were touching.
"That's not true. I love you. I don't hate you. you are amazing sar bear." He whispers back, using my childhood nickname. I sad smile pulled my lips up. He pulled Everett out of my arms and set him on the couch. He wrapped his arms around my waist and whispered "I missed you." I looked up at him, since the top of my head only went to his chin. He rested his chin on my head and murmured "alot."

*hours later*

It was just me and Louis in the living room. I had already been introduced to all the boys. Now they all left to put Everett to bed, deciding to tell him a story, leaving me and Louis to talk. So we did. I explained everything that happened. My voice caught when I mentioned him hitting Everett. Louis fists were tightly clenched, anger burning his eyes. Ev was also his lil bro. I continued to the part where we saw his mom again.
"And your mom... Said I could stay with you. Is that-is that okay?" I asked, my voice shaking.
"OF COURSE! DUH! it'll be like one long SLUMBAH PAHTY!" He screeched. I laughed and hugged him. Same ol' Lou.
"Sarah?" A little voice whimpered. I turned my head towards the voice, seeing Everett standing there, the boys behind him.
"We tried to put him to bed, but he refused until you sang to him." The blonde explained sheepishly. I walked over to Everett.
"How about these boys sing? Their famous!" I asked him.
"No, it has to be you! You have the bestest voice in the whole world!" He explained. I sighed.
"Can we skip it tonight?" I asked tenderly, blushing as everyone stared at me.
"I can't sleep without it!"Ev said.
"What song do you want me to sing?" I asked, admitting defeat. Couldn't say no to him.
"The happy feet TWO song!" He said, emphasizing the word two.

"When you think
Hope is lost
And giving up
Is all you got,
And blue turns black,
Your confidence is cracked,
There seems no turning back from here

Sometimes there isn't an obvious explanation
Why the holiest stars can feel the strongest palpitations

That's when you can build a bridge of light,
That's what turns the wrong so right
That's when you can't give up the fight

That's when love turns night-time into day,
That's when loneliness goes away,
That's why you gotta be strong tonight,
Only love can build us a bridge of light

When your feet are made of stone
And you're convinced that you're all alone
Look at the stars, instead of the dark
You'll find your heart shines like the sun

Let's not let our anger get us lost
And the need to be right comes with way too high a cost

That's when love can build a bridge of light
That's what turns the wrong so right
That's when you know it's worth the fight

That's when love turns night-time into day
That's when loneliness goes away,
That's why you gotta be strong tonight
'Cause only love can build us a bridge of light

Deep breath, take it on the chin
But don't forget to let the love back in

That's when love can build a bridge of light
That's what turns the wrong so right
That's when you can't give up the fight

And that's when love turns night-time into day,
That's when loneliness goes away
That's why you gotta be strong tonight
'cause only love can build us a bridge of light

Only love can build us a bridge of light..." I sang, a blush painted on my cheeks as eyes bore holes through me.
"Oh come on, I wasn't THAT bad!" I said defensively.
"Love you were amazing!" Said the blonde one. I smiled slightly, my blush darkening to crimson.
"Yea, she is." Louis said proudly.
"Um thanks, errr so, uh.... I don't know your names. I mean I'm staying here, gotta at least know your names." I mutter awkwardly.
"What!?! She's staying here?!?! Oh. Greaaaaat." Said the curly brown haired one with those critical green eyes. I walked over to Everett.
"Let's get you to bed, okay?" I asked he nodded and we walked to his room. I tucked him in and kissed his forehead. I could here yelling. I stepped out, closing the door so I could here them.
"She's staying? Thanks for telling us mate! I don't want that thing staying here! She's using you!" A voice yelled. Ouch, ya know that really hurt.
"No, dude she's not. She's my bestest friend ever. She wouldn't lie. I know what she's been through. I've seen her scars. I've wiped away her tears again and again. And I'll have to wipe them away again tonight cuz of YOU! MAKING HER CRY!" Louis screamed back. I can't handle screaming. It scares me. Reminds me of my dad. My dad. That monster. A tear slid down my cheek. Then another. Soon a torrent of tears ripped down my face, but I stayed silent. If I had made a noise at my old house, I would have been beaten. I learned how to cry silently. So I did. Sobs racked my frail body. I sat down against the wall, hugging my knees. Everyone hated me. What's not to hate. I'm ugly as death itself, and to scarred and flawed to be loved by anyone but Everett. And Louis. But surly Louis was just being nice. Im a freaking charity case.
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