More than friends

Old friends meet again. Louis and Sarah knew each other before the excavator ripped them apart. But their back. And they can't help but fall in love.


3. Chapter 2

I better hope he remembers me.

(Everett's POV)

My sister nervously clutched my hand and led me to the train station. She bought two tickets at the till. I wondered where we where going, but decided to wait and find out later. We hopped on the train and found our seats. It wasn't long before I fell asleep on Sarah's lap.

(Sarah's POV)
We got off the train in Doncaster, England. I carried my brothers sleeping figure towards the taxi service. I called the taxi over and gave him the address. As we drove over, I thought about how badly I needed this too work. The silence gave me plenty of time to mull over what could go wrong, and believe me, there was a lot.
As the taxi rolled to a stop I payed the driver, grabbed a sleeping Everett, and took out my bags. I walked up the driveway I had ran up so many times when I was young. I was always so happy then. But now everything was different. I knocked on the door. It opened and a familiar face peered out at me.
"Sarah? Is that you?" She questioned.
I blushed and nodded. I set down Everett, and she pulled me into a tight embrace. The smile on her face grew.
"What are you doing here, Hun?" She inquired.
"Ummm, I really need a place to stay, just for a little while until I have enough to buy a apartment for me and Evvy. Do you mind if I stay here?"I said. I was so nervous. She was my last chance. She nodded and tears filled my eyes. We hugged.
"Of course Sarah!" She said.
"Thanks Mrs. Tomlinson." I murmured.

Louis' POV

I waved to the fans once more before walking of the stage. I walked back stage with the boys, walking to our room. I see a little boy sitting on our red leather couch. I glance over at him, and notice how much he looks like a little boy I used to know, Everett. His older sister was my best friend. I wonder how she's doing now. Someone clears there throat, and I turn around. I'm greeted by a girl with long blonde hair, and pretty brown eyes. She looks so much like Sarah it hurts. She looks in my eyes, and I stare back. Her eyes are just like Sarah's. no Louis it's not her I tell myself.
I can't be. Sarah always radiated happiness. This girl drips out sadness and fear.
"Louis?" She whispers, looking scared to death.
"Yea?" I asked her.
"Louis it's me. It's Sarah. It's your best friend." She whispers, urgency in her voice.
"No you can't be! Prove it." I stutter. She sighs and pulls up her sleeve so her shoulder was showing. On her shoulder was a scar. A scar identical to the one Sarah got when we decided it would be fun to sled of the roof of my house. I broke my arm. Needless to say, it wasn't fun. I looked into her eyes. The same eyes that had once been so full of life were empty of joy, but full of fear, sadness, and pain.
"What happened Sarah?" I say, concern filling my shaky voice, consuming it, making tears roll down my cheeks.
"What happened to you? You were so happy." I whimpered.
She uttered to dreadful words. To words that made my blood curdle. Words that made me want to curl up in a ball and cry for her.
"My father."
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