More than friends

Old friends meet again. Louis and Sarah knew each other before the excavator ripped them apart. But their back. And they can't help but fall in love.


2. Chapter 1

Chapter 1

(Sarah's P.O.V)
I to keep the tears from flowing, but it was so hard. My dad reared back and slapped my again, harder, and l collapsed in pain. He abused me every night when he came home drunk. I was lying on the floor. My seven year old brother Everett came down stairs. He ran to my side crying. He hugged me, and I told him to go back upstairs. I didn't want him to get hurt, but it was too late. My dad saw him and slapped him as well, knocking his frail little body over. I was up in instant, at his side. I was furious. My dad could hit me, I was sixteen. But Evvy, he was seven! I clenched my fists and was prepared to protect my younger brother from the wrath of the monster who was my father, but it never came. I looked at my dad, he had passed out from all that alcohol. I knew this was my chance. I grabbed Evvy's hand and we ran upstairs. I began to pack, just a few pairs of clothes, a bit of food, and all my money. I had saved for a while now, and I grabbed Everett, suitcase in tow, and we fled. Now we needed somewhere to stay. I had nowhere to go, no friends who's houses I could stay at, no one... Except... It was a long shot, and I'm not sure he'd remember me, or if he does, accept me, but I have no other choice. I better hope that he remembers me.

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