My Nightmare & My Daughter

"How would you like to be my daughter?"


9. The Shirt

"Sadie." I whispered, rubbing her arm.

"Yeah dad?" she yawned.

"You're going shopping with Auntie Reychel today babe, ya gotta wake up." I turned her so she was facing me.

"Yay! Reychel!" she sat up.

"Hey, isn't this yours?" Sadie asked, looking at my oversized shirt on her tiny body.

"Yeah but you only wear one outfit so last night I put this on you." I explained.

"W-where's my 'I Love Liam Payne' shirt?!" she looked around frantically.

"Its right there." I pointed to the nightstand by her side of the bed.

She lunged for it and held it in her arms, rocking back and forth.

"Sadie, what's wrong hun?"

"Mommy."she whispered.

"Baby, please explain. Calm down."

"My m-mom died when I was seven. I loved her so much and she gave me this shirt. I was so sad when she left. And my daddy.."

"Yes?" I rubbed her back as she shook.

"He would hit me." she barely said, so low and quiet. She lifted the shirt over her knee and on her thigh was a big purple bruise.

"Oh Sadie." I took her in my arms and hugged her.

"I'd never hurt you." I whispered in her ear.

"I-I know that." she slightly smiled. She kissed my cheek and slipped off my shirt, getting into her usual outfit.

"Now you'll have new memories with the clothes Reych and you will buy." I told her as she ate her cereal.

 "Hey, but didn't you say your family was kidnapped?" I aksed, remembering what she had said the day before.

"I was adopted at one point. They took me back. So, my real family was kidnapped and then the second family I lived with was only for about three months. I loved that mom and she was the one that died. Then the dad would hit me and he eventually took me back. Before he did though, he said that the only reason they addopeted me was because of the mom." Sadie said her sad past calmly.

"Wow." I whispered under my breath.

"Hi Uncle Niall." she smiled, looking at him who was scarfing down waffles.

"Hey babe." he smiled with his sticky mouth.

She giggled and saw Uncle Louis come down.

"Louis!" she yelled, running into his hug.

"Hi love!" he kissed her temple and smiled.

"Uncle Zayn takes a while to wake up right?" she asked.

I nodded.

"Wow, it was right. I've only seen a glimpse of a magizene in a store and that's what I got to read." she mumbled.

"Hello Sadie!" Reych and Harry walked down, hand in hand.

"Hey guys!" she hugged them tight.

We sat and talked for a while and hours later, Zayn trudged down.

"Mornin' guys." he rubbed his head.

"Morning? Its three in the afternoon!" Sadie laughed.

"Oh then..good afternoon." he paused and then smiled, kissing the top of her head.

"Ready for a day of shopping?" Reychel asked her, grabbing her keys.

"So excited!"  Sadie squealed, running to catch up with her.

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