My Nightmare & My Daughter

"How would you like to be my daughter?"


2. Sadie, The Girl In My Dream

I stood with the lads outside the studio, signing a girl's book and taking a picture with her. She had brown hair and blue eyes.

"Thank you soooo much Liam! You're my favorite!" she squealed.

"Aww, thanks love. What's your name?"

"Sadie!" she smiled.

"Well Sadie, it was so nice to meet you!" I hugged her. She's only nine years old.

"Nice to meet you too Liam! Keep making beautiful music! I love it!" she jumped up and down.

"I will thanks. You keep making people smile babe! You're lovely!" I gave her a high-five.

"Bye Liam!" she hugged me again.

"Bye!" I watched her skip away.

I turned to talk with the guys and then I heard a scream.

Sadie was in the street, laying on the ground. Blood poured out of her head and she was unconscious.

"Sadie!" I screamed and ran over to her. The driver that hit her, was gone.

"Sadie, wake up honey!" I shook her. Nothing.

I picked her up and ran with her in my arms to the nearest hospital. The boys following behind.

"Please help me! Thi girl was just in a hit and run crash!" I scrambled into the building and ran to the desk.

"Come with me!" The nurse led me into a room.

I laid her on the bed and doctors rushed in, pushing me backwards. I couldn't see her anymore, they engulfed her.

"Sadie!" I was shoved out the door. "No! Let me stay!" I tried to get back in but security stopped me.

I waited at the door with the others anxiously. I'd known this girl for an hour and I was dying inside for her.

"I want her to be okay." I whispered to Louis.

He nodded and held me. I cried for her, praying she'd make it.

Soon, a doctor came out of her room.

"Come." he motioned me in.

I looked at the others and they nodded. I took a deep breath and walked into her room.

A bandage was wrapped around her small head and she was covered in a blanket. Her leg had a cast.

I sat in a chair by her bed.

"Sadie.." I whispered, taking her little hand into my big ones.

"L-Liam?" she muttered.

"Yes! Yes, Sadie its Liam."  I breathed.

"Stay?" she asked.

"I'm not going anywhere babe." I told her.

She squeezed my hand. I crawled into bed with her and held her in my arms as we both slept.

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