My Nightmare & My Daughter

"How would you like to be my daughter?"


4. Papers

About a week later, Sadie could be released from the hospital. I held her hand as we walked out.

"When are you going to adopt me Liam?" she asked, looking up at me with he big blue eyes.

"Later today sweetie." I answered.

"I'm excited." she squealed.

"I know, me too babe." I squeezed her hand.

We reached the orpahanage and I walked in with Sadie.

"Hi, I'd like to adopt this little girl Sadie." I said to the man in the front.

"Okay, step into this office." he motioned me over.

I came in with her to find a desk and an old man.

"Sadie." he croaked.

"Mr.Jutt." Sadie scoffed.

"I'm Liam.."

"I know who you are. You're everywhere. Sign these papers and take her out of here." he shoved some paper and a pen in my hand. I was a little surprised. I filled them out in two minutes.

"Okay sir, thanks." I put my hand out.

He didn't shake it, but turned in his chair and left. I pulled my hand in awkwardly and looked at Sadie.

"We don't like each other." she scruched her nose up.

"I see why." I whispered.

"Yeah." she smiled.

I picked Sadie up and carried her out of the orphanage.

"Don't you have any friends to say bye to?" I aked, seeing her so quiet as we walked out the door.

"No, I didn't have friends."

"What about that girl you told me about? The one that you were out with when you met me?"

"She HAD to be my caregiver. She never wanted to." Sadie sighed.

My heart melted again for her.

"I'm free!" she whispered, laying her head on my shoulder when we went down the street, out of sight of the orphanage.

"Yes, you're a part of my family now." I smiled, kissing her cheek.

"I love you daddy." she muttered, before going to sleep while I carried her home.

"I love you too Sadie." I held her tighter and hummed softly to her on my way to 'our' flat.

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