My Nightmare & My Daughter

"How would you like to be my daughter?"


6. Meet Your Uncles

"AHHH ITS THE REST OF ONE DIRECTION!!!" Sadie screamed when she ran inside.

"Hi babe." Louis smiled and waved.

"L-Louis T-Tomlinson!" she squealed.

"Meet you uncles Sadie!" I told her.

"One Direction is my family!?" she almost fainted.

"Yup." Niall smirked.

Sadie ran over to the guys and stared in awe.

"You're Zayn Malik!" she pointed at Zayn.

He nodded.

"You're Niall Horan!" she jumped up and down.

"You-You are Harry Styles!" She gasped.

"Louis Tomlinson!" she said again.

She turned around to face me.

"Is this really happeneing?"

"Yes Sadie. Welcome to your new home." I smiled.

She ran into my arms and squeezed me.

"Thank you so much dad. I'm gonna have the best family and life ever." she whispered.

"Go hug your uncles now." I gently pulled her off and turned her around.

She smiled wide and ran into Zayn's arms.

"Hello love." he rubbed her back.

"Hi Zayn!" she kissed his cheek.

"Lou!" she gave him a big bear hug.

"Grrrrr. Hi Sadie!" he immatated a bear and swung her in his arms.

She giggled and went to Niall where he gave her a Horan Hug.

"Oh my goodness. I've always wanted a Horan Hug!" she laughed.

"You're not a bad hugger yourself baby." he patted her back lightly.

"Haz!" she kissed his cheek.

"Hi babe. How are you?" he asked, putting her in his lap.

"Wonderful. This is the best day ever!" she smiled.

"I love your girlfriend." she whispered to him. "When do I get to meet my aunt?"

"I can call her over right now." Harry pulled out his phone.

"Hey Reych, I have a surprise! Come over here please. Okay boo see you soon. Love you, bye."

"Yay! Auntie Reychel!"

"She's gonna love you Sadie." Harry kissed the top of her head and let her run over to me.

"I can't wait." Sadie whimpered, settling on my lap, wrapping her tiny arms around my neck and my hands resting on her waist. Her head on my chest.

I held her until Reych came knocking at the door.

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