My Nightmare & My Daughter

"How would you like to be my daughter?"


5. Just The Outside

I came to the boys' and I shared flat.

"Sadie, wake up sweetheart." I whispered, pulling her off my shoulder.

She yawned and rubbed her sleepy eyes.

"Hi dad." she muttered."

"Welcome to your new home!" I whispered.

She turned around and gasped. It was a grand building with huge windows that sparkled. A fountain in front and the whole place was amazing, and incredibly wonderful to a nine year old girl who had spent her life in a shabby orphanage.

"Li-Daddy, this is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen!" she breathed.

"This is where daddy, you and your uncles live!" I explained.

"I have uncles?" she asked.

"Yes, you'll never be alone or bored with your uncles baby." I smiled.

"Yay! I'm so excited!" She squealed.

"Let's go in Sadie!"

"Okay dad."

I set her down on the ground and she sprinted towards the huge door.


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