My Nightmare & My Daughter

"How would you like to be my daughter?"


7. Auntie Reychel

Harry got up and opened the door.

"Hi babe!" Reych kissed him lighty.

"Hi! I have someone I want yo to meet. Your niece." Harry hugged her and brought her inside.

"Niece?" she asked confused.

"Liam's daughter, Sadie." he explained.

"Hello darling!" Reychel waved.

"Oh my gosh. Reych, I love you. You're an inspriation to me!" Sadie got off my lap.

"Oh thanks honey!" Reych leaned down and hugged her.

"Liam? Care to explain?" Reych said while smiling.

"I adopted her." I shrugged.

"Details later Li." she muttered, still smiling. Creepy.

I nodded and avoided her glare.

"So, Sadie. What's going on?" Reychel asked, sitting next to Harry on the couch.

Sadie went to them and climbed into Reychel's lap. Reych looked at Harry. He shrugged and smiled.

"Well, when I was little, my family and I were kidnapped. The people killed them and kept me. Someone found me and took me to the orphanage. I've been there for about five years. I was really upset but got used to it. Kids in the orphanage picked on me and I had no friends. I am a huge fan of 1D and you Reychel. You are dating Harry Styles so you get a lot of hate but it doesn't get to you. You inspire me so I try to be like you and shrug all the mean things off. Then I found Liam on the street and stuff and the rest is history!" Sadie explained.

"Aww." everyone cooed. Reychel and Harry hugged Sadie tightly and whispered some things in her ear.

Sadie giggled, nodded and kissed their cheeks. She came back to me and fell asleep in my arms.


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