I don't need you anymore

lexi has a rough life but when she runs into someone from her past will he be able to help her or is she to far gone? (This is my first fanfic no hate please!)


3. how`ve you been?

ALEX`S POV: i watched lexi walk away with louis friggin tomlinson he put hios arm around MY girl and she SMILED!!! at him what a jerk!!! what does she see in him anyways?! im gonna make her so jealous that she`ll come crawling back to me. so i lean in and start kissing brianna again. BRIANNA`S POV: what was alex talking about this is exactly what it looks like. i`ve been with alex for a week and a half she`d been ith him 3 wich since her mom died is a record. slut much? LOUIS`S POV: i walked through park and saw lexi!i cant belive it! i had missed her soooooooooooooo much on the xfactor and since then. i know if the boys met her they`d fall in love with her thats why i havent seen her since the truth is that i like her alot but im scared to tell her because if she dosent feel the same it could ruin our amazing freindship and i dont want that i also dont want to share her *later walking home* "sooooooooooooooooooo.... lexi, how`ve you been?" she looked down at her shoes then back up to me after a long time she started talking. ''not to good. my life has gone downhill since you left.'' she paused and forced a smile ''not that its ALL fault'' she said and we both laughed and she grabbed my hand swinging it like she was 2 again.then a huge raindrop fell on her nose and i laughed and she looked up and smiled ''5...4...3...2...1...''then a drop fell on me then another and another and still another till i lost count and we stayed outside in the rain the lightning cracked through the sky lighting up the darkening sky followed by a crack of thunder she looked up at me and before i knew it i had kissed her and sparks where flying when she kissed back...i think im in love.   

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