I don't need you anymore

lexi has a rough life but when she runs into someone from her past will he be able to help her or is she to far gone? (This is my first fanfic no hate please!)


2. ALEX?!?!?

lexis pov alex was my boyfreind he waas kind of a jerk but i didnt care i was "in love" well not reallymore like puppy love but who knows maybe we`ll get serious at some point thats what he wants. i dont think he really loves me i think he just wants to look cool and i am the most popular girl in school

*phone beeps*

alex~ meet me at the park in an hour! at our place;) all my love -alex<3

me-omw ilu2 babe! c u in 2hrs

*an hour later*

i was done early but oh well i lookeed amazayn!!!i had donr my hair and make-up and put on the exotic purfume alex got me for my birthday i finished getting ready and walked to the park 3 blocks away. when i got there i saw a couple under the big that had mine and alex`s initials engraved into it this was "our place" eating eachothers faces off i walked to the ice cream stand right next to it i turned and saw alex and brianna where the couple under the tree! brianna is this girl on the squad and she is sort of popular to but she was so jealous that i got all the boys, grades, and friends that she wanted and couldnt get. till now. he looked up and scrambled to his feet "lexi! its not what you think-" "save it alexander" i cut him off he knows i only use his full name when i am EXTREMELY mad he came up and grabbed me4 and i got a flashback of danny this was how he started getting abusive he grabbed me and i gave so he did it again and things got gradually worse and he is now in jail i took my ice cream and pushed into alex`s face and slapped brianna and turned around. i stormed off and bumped into.....him louis wiliam tomlinson.he`d seen everything and wrapped me in a hug and walked me home and we caught up. god i mised him

who mlikes it so far?!


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