I don't need you anymore

lexi has a rough life but when she runs into someone from her past will he be able to help her or is she to far gone? (This is my first fanfic no hate please!)



hi! im lexi short for alexis. alexis nichole horan im 17 years old (18 on hallowen!) i am about 5foot 6 with platinum blonde hair and bright blue eyes and a super skinny figure but thats what you get for being anorexic. i have rosy cheeks and full lush lips and i have an identical twin sister named alexandra but i call her ally and i have a brother named alejandro who is 13 and easily 6 foot tall my dad is in france and has been for like 6 months and wont be back anytime soon but more on that later my mom died recently and left everything to me, ally, and aj. i miss her very much but you knowq who wouldnt?! i am head cheerleader   and i have clones that follow mw around for publicity i used to know some one some one very important and famous and now hes in a boyband i havent seen him scince he got put in the band and i miss him like crazy. so i cut and am anorexic and i have my artificially blonde hair seeping into my brain i graduate soon and cant wait to get out of this hairsprayeed zit-cream obbsesed boycrazy psychos i am curently calling friends.


AN:/what do you think of the first chap? ill update soon




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