Inspiration& Imagination

Not all of the poems rhyme.


10. No Safeguard Part II

In the bed, IV drips poison.
Her head flashes back of when she was an orphan.

Treated like a slave, her complaints meant nothing.
She grew up ashamed of all her somethings.

She had her friends during the day.
But every night felt like doomsday.

Forced to let strange hands wonder,
Her tiny, 10-year-old figure.

She snaps back into reality.
In the hospital with her soul all bloody.

Six months later she lies in her bed.
The very night that she had fled.

She looks for answers to help her come to life.
The only answer she's ever known is a life.

She picks it up and looks in the mirror.
She can no longer stand, her legs replaced with rubber. 

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