Inspiration& Imagination

Not all of the poems rhyme.


3. I am.

I am Miss On My Own.
I am Miss No-help-off-my-Throne.
I am Miss Almost Grown.
Miss Yesterday's Gone.
I am Miss Brat.
Miss Un-Apprehensive.
Miss Never Again.
I am Miss sometimes feel alone.
I am Miss Walk The Road Of Life.
I am Miss If-You're-Gonna-Use-That-Line-Then-You-Better-Keep-In-Mind
That I am Miss Forever Afraid Of Being Loved.
I am Miss No Need For A Man.
I am Miss Not Brokenhearted.
Miss Live Life In The Fast Lane.
Miss No-Filter-Of-What-I-Say.
I am Miss Clumsy With Love.
So I am Miss Don't-Plan-On-Falling-In-Love.
I am Miss Can't Escape My Thoughts.
I am Miss Living Just To Find Emotion.
I am Miss Independent.
I am...

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