Let Me Love You???

Let me Love you is a story about a girl named MaryAnne and her best friend Kylie meeting One Direction and falling hard for them. But one of them will be together forever but the other will have to fight with the pain of lossing him for good. hope you like it first morellas ever!


12. Things are Falling a part

MaryAnne's P.O.V.

Okay Harry has been back from tour for a month now and he is being a real jerk so I'm so close of snapping and breaking up with him and leaving him. Okay today the same we had another fight this one that made me so upset that I said " I HATE YOU STYLES!" with that I left and went back to my home with Gabe and this time when I walked thought the door my dad said "sweetheart what did he do now did he hurt you" alll I could do was nod yes with that i walked to go pick up gabe and when he saw me he ran to give me aa big hug and we went for ice creram then I took him home. When we got home Harry was there with I'm sorry card and some roses but this time I wasn't forgiving him he hurt me and broke me so. I walked right past him.

                                                                       2 years later

Okay it's been two years since me and Harry broke up well today I'm bought an flat and me and my friend Kylie Niall's fiances well she pulled me with her to a club and the boys but we went at different times well when we got to the club. That's when I saw Harry and he saw me he stopped talking to the boys when the boys all saw me they all said 'Oh MY God!!!" that's when Harry came to me and said'Wow MaryAnne you look great' well i said" you 2 styles".

Harry's P.O.V

Wow MaryAnne looked beautiful that's when I saw that same little sparkle in her eyes and I kissed her lips and I said "I was so sorry that I never might to do that to her" and she forgave me finally those two long years without her in my life sucked I was so sad all the time but when the guys begged me to go to the club tonight they all said I wouldn't regret it and now I'm not because the love of me life was there. So when I started to leave MaryAnne stopped me and said "hey come on can you come back to my new flat please" so I finally gave in and said yes to my girl. We went back to her flat it was just like my old flat wait it was my old flat I laugh and she said" what babe" I said "his use to be my old flat" she then said "okay well make your old flat yours again" with that I knew what she meant


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