Let Me Love You???

Let me Love you is a story about a girl named MaryAnne and her best friend Kylie meeting One Direction and falling hard for them. But one of them will be together forever but the other will have to fight with the pain of lossing him for good. hope you like it first morellas ever!


7. The Tour

MaryAnne's P.O.V

So today was the day that NIall and Harry where going on tour six long boring months without the boys ad I remember the day all of us met in person at a One Direction signing  seven months ago. So I'm at the airport dropping off Harry saying our goodbyes and when a lady called there plane number I got to a chock up stage Harry was hugging me good-bye me almost cring . I said "good-bye and good luck to the boys that's when they got in the tunnel I started to cry Ele, Perrie, Dani, and kylie where crying to. Then we all got a hold of yourselfs we stopped and went to go get coffee when I saw my ex-boyfreind Gavin Miller he walked over to me and said " Hello love why haven't you texted me back i'm still in love with you" the girls looked at him like he was a idiot that's when Kylie got up and said 'Dude she's got a byfriend named Harry Eward Styles and she doesn't you so take all of you and go the h*** away" at that point all the girls where about to punch him the, the face for saaying that. That is when he finally left and yelled I will get you back even if I have to go to Laura and her boyfriend Tiler so I would shut those mouthes of yours! With that Perrie called all the boys and told them whatjust happened with me oon voicemail.

Harry's P.O.V

Well when we got to the hotel in America I saw I had a miss call from Perrie I heard what happened back at home that's whern a loud bang came in me room it was all the guys asking questions about what happened.What did just happen? And who the h*** is this Gavin kid messing with my girl???

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