Let Me Love You???

Let me Love you is a story about a girl named MaryAnne and her best friend Kylie meeting One Direction and falling hard for them. But one of them will be together forever but the other will have to fight with the pain of lossing him for good. hope you like it first morellas ever!


6. The move in

So now it's true Niall and Kylie are finally moving in together finally Kylie is moving in with Niall. So Kylie is getting her things packed with Niall down stairs when she came down Niall Helped her with her bags and then put them in his car to go to her new life with Naill!

Niall's P.O.V                                                                

So yeah we finally got to me and Kyle's new house I can't believe this is finally happenin I finally found my princess. My princess that will love me for me and only me yes. Well I helped unpack her things into your new room and then we went to Nando's to get some food I say to Kylie if she ever had Nando's before she said "yes I love Nando's it's my favorite resturant and I already know you love this resturant". Well we finally got waited on be a waiter that kept looking at Kylie and an old friend of mine and one time he askes me if I was dating her were we just friend.

Kylie's P.O.V

Well after dinner with Niall which was awsome we went home and I got dressed in ma jammies which are green and white. Then I went down the stairs Niall on the couch on the phone with Harry he said "yo hazza I think I found my pricness what about you with MaryAnne" Hazza.......... "well thats great man and yes I think of about of it well what about of the tour I don't to tell her I will leave her next week grr.." then he hang up the phone I said " so I hear you're going on tour next week'" Niall said "you hearded" I said "yes sorry" Niall said "it's fine but I just don't want to leavw you becaues we just got together" I said to Niall "sweetheart it'sfine I can hange out with the girls tell you come back from tour okay well I might be missing you like crazy but I can deal with it because that's your job okay" all Niall could do was nodd his head yes.

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