Let Me Love You???

Let me Love you is a story about a girl named MaryAnne and her best friend Kylie meeting One Direction and falling hard for them. But one of them will be together forever but the other will have to fight with the pain of lossing him for good. hope you like it first morellas ever!


5. sorry for ...

So you and Harry and the boys where going out clubing when you saw Harry'd ex girlfriend Taylor Swift. So of course Harry walked up to the bar and got some dinks you didnt drink because your best friend Jessica died because of posioning so you didnt want that to happen to you so you and Liam and Perrie all where hanging out thats when youlook over and see Taylor and Harry dirty dancing but thrn Harry kissed her on the lips and pushed her against a wall. perrie sees the holr thing and so does Liam well just then Liam took out his phone and recorded the hole thing. So little didyou know Niall and the girls and the other boys saw that so the boys take Harry off Taylor and sit him down in front of you. You slap him across the face and say " how could you how could you those monthes we bine together they where all just lies to you werent they Harry" with that you left the club in tears and walked it Harryss flat and packed and put them in your car and went back home the first thing you see when you get home id your dad and your little brother Gabe. Gabe yelled 'yes the boy did something wrong dad i told you so' with that he stuck out his tonge and with that you said " No he did more than something he cheated on me with his ex-girlfriend Taylor freaking  Swift. So with that you walke dto your room and cried yourself to sleep. The next morning you woke up and saw your phone all messagesfrom Harry or the boys asking where did you go or come back we need to talk. You walked down the stairs to see Niall, Liam, Zayn, Louis, and out of people in the world the person you hate so much right now Harry Freking Styles!!! grr. So you ran back up the stairs but Louis caught you and ran after you you tried to get him away from you but he grabed you and told you the whole story on what really happened you said to Louis " so what your sayig id Taylor kissed Harry , Harry didnt kiss her shot I have to go and say im sorry to him" you ran down the stairs as fast as you could but you fell Harry came to your side and helped you up you said'Hey we need to talk about something" so you amd Harry walk into a different room you started out by saying " Hey Lou told me everthing im so sorry that I yell at you freaked out on you sor-" harry cut you off with a deep kiss ful of lust and love.

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