Let Me Love You???

Let me Love you is a story about a girl named MaryAnne and her best friend Kylie meeting One Direction and falling hard for them. But one of them will be together forever but the other will have to fight with the pain of lossing him for good. hope you like it first morellas ever!


10. He finally asked?

NIall's P.O.V

So today I finally going to ask Kylie if she will marry me and will she hopefully and Harry seeems upset but he's gettting back down. Okay we where finally going home from the tour it's bine forever since I seen Kylie seven veryLONG months of hard work and tears and a lot of drama better some boy and my little princess hoefully my new queen.

Kylie's  P.O.V.

Okay so me and the girls are at th airport waiting to see the boys that's when all the girls scream and out come Zayn and Perrie runs to him and jumps in his arms and then Louis and then Ele jumped his arms then Liam and Dani jumped in his arms and then Harry and MaryAnne started to cry and that's when Harry put his things down and MaruAnne ran and jumped in his arms and then what no Niall wait wheres Niall so I waited two more minutes still no Niall so I just turned my heels and started to walk away. That's when the girls started to scream again I turned around to see Niall's smilling fave I ran and jumped in his arms he kissed me then put me down then right there right then he got down on one knee and asked me to Marry Him he said " K-Kylie we have been thiught thick and thin so now I'm going to take the chance and ask you this one question will you be my queen and not myprincess will you be Mrs.Horan and Marry Me? " all I could do was nod because I was cry he then slipped the eing on and kissed me and hugged me.

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