I'd Do Anything For You

Athena and Harry have been best friends, always have been and always will be! They have always been in the sames classes and always watch out for one another. They hold each other when the other is sad. When they both turn 18, they discover they have feelings for each other!!All is playing smooth until something happens and they might be torn apart forever, and theres nothing either one of them could do about it!


1. Prologue

                  Athena's POV

        I came home from school, my last day of grade 5. When I walked into the door i could smell the smoke of cigerretes, and the stench of beer. My mom was a alcoholic and my father ran out on us 2 years ago, thus causing her depression, and addiction to these toxic things. When i walked in, i went straight to my room, to do my homework, plus i didnt want to be near her like this... as soon as i dropped my bag, i heard a shout from the kitchen. "Athena! get your ass in this kitchen and make dinner!" "I can't Julia! I have to do alot of homework, and i have a huge test tomorrow! Can you make it tonight?" i replied. I call her Julia... mom... sounds like i like her... which clearly i don't. She stormed into my room, and grabbing my wrist, which for sure will leave a bruise. She dragged me into the kitchen. "I CAN'T MAKE DINNER!" i shouted! she threw me to the ground, and started to beat me.... about 5 minutes later. She stopped and ran off to her bedroom. I immedietly grabbed the phone. tears streeming down my face. I called Harry, and by the second ring he answered. "I cant take this anymore Harry!" i said. He could tell i was crying because he said to me. "When it looks like a dead end, there will always be a secret path." I laughed in return. "Do you want a break? we can go there now if you want?" He said to me. I needed to get away, so i said suree. I grabbed a bear paw, and was out the door in minutes. Harry and I found this abandoned tree house in the woods behind our houses... we live 3 doors down from each other. To get to the tree house you have to cross a bridge that hangs about 11 feet above rapids. I didnt like that part.... but Harry always helped me get across. When i got there, Harry was leaning against the tree ladder (to get to the bridge) waiting for me. I ran up to him and gave him a big hug, and i didnt want to let go. "everything is going to be alright... i promise" he said to me. Come on, lets goo! I climbed as fast as i could up the ladder, Harry following me quickly. The wind was blowing the bridge, making it sway. That worried me. "Come on boo (his nick name for me) it will be quick and easy. he raced across like it was nothing. Whne i went to go across, the wind started to blow heavily. I froze in the middle. 2 people cant be on at the same time, so harry couldnt rescue me. He got my attention by calling my name then said "Hey! just look into my eyes." He had beautiful green eyes that made the entire world stop. I did, and all of a sudden i had the courage to walk across the bridge, and i did. We walked up the hill to the club house together and when we got there, i showed him my Bruises. He told me they would go away soon, which i all ready knew, but it was nice to hear it from someone else, not just my self. i started to get self concious about them, so Harry drew one on his arm to make me feel better. He truly was the best friend i could ever have.

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