Shannon finishes the second book in The Hunter trilogy, about a vampire serial killer who kills the main character, Alice the Vampire Hunter.
She gets the fright of her life when she starts her dream, and her dream involves death. But will she survive?


1. Thinking

...and the serial killer, charilie, sunk his fangs deep into Alice's neck, guzzling every last drop of her sweet, red blood. When the corpse fell to the floor, he picked it up by the hair and crammed it into a cupboard in a dark corner in his gloomy lair.

Shannon shut The Hunter and thought to herself: this ending to the novel cannot be real, if the main character, the vampire hunter, is dead then how is the last book in the trilogy going to finish?

She sat on her purple bed thinking, thinking about how her favourite trilogy will end. It was almost like she was in a dream, until her door creaked open slowly.

Suddenly, Shannon was being carried at lightning speed through what seemed to be a forest, into a dark gloomy lair. She fell to the ground, grabbing a stake as she went. Nobody was present, or so it seemed, until she was picked up by the scruff of the neck and sharp fangs sunk deep into her neck, poisoning her bloodstream. She tried so hard to plunge the stake into the vampire's heart but she was no match for his strength. Besides, her head was starved of blood so she decided to give way, let the killer win.

As Shannon's eyes closed, a teleported brain message flashed across her face: Prepare to die, Charlie x

Charlie was just about to pick her up by the hair when her head started spinning like a carousel. The next thing she knew was that she was sitting on her bed watching her door slowly creak open.

'Honey, your father and I are going to bed now and I think you should too. You look very tired. Goodnight love.' Shannon's mother whispered to her. Instead she sat on her purple bed thinking, thinking about how her favourite trilogy will end.

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