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Daven Border is everything a girl loves. He's funny, charming, athletic, and of course, popular. He isn't the most popular boy in Trinity High School though. That spot belonged to Cole Leis. Only because he was varsity and Daven was JV. Well, varsity and JV apparently meant nothing to Veronica Brown because she has a huge crush on Daven and she is the reason for the story. Everyday since the freshman year of school, she puts secret love notes in his locker. Sometimes, Daven will write back and stick it to his locker, hoping no one will steal it. Daven is given clues to think the secret "admirer" is either one of the popular snotty girls. Juliana, Vanessa, or Tami. But, what will happen when it turns out to be the so called "nerd" of the school that writes to him?


1. Heart Racing, Pencils Writing

 Veronica's POV: 

"Err!" I moan as I dig my face into my history books. It is the first day of ninth grade and, me being the outcast since like, sixth grade, I know this isn't going to be a good year. The bell hasn't rung yet so I pulled out my journal to start a new story. My parents say I am an excellent story writer and I win all my young author's contests. One time, I got to state level. Having California so huge, that is a big accomplishment for anyone. I already had a good idea for my new story. It was going to be about a girl who is a young witch and she has to travel to England to find her great grandmother to learn about witch history since her grandmother is a witch. The story is going to to be based in the18th century. I was jotting down a few ideas for my first chapter when I felt a gentle tap on my shoulder. I turned my head around to see what it was. When I was face to face to the person, I noticed it was a girl with brown hair in a messy bun and black glasses with emerald green eyes.

"Hello!" She said with a sweet, warming smile.

"Uh.." I started.

"I'm Miranda. I went to Wilton Jr High so we haven't met before. I just noticed you were writing a story and I was very pleased to find someone with the same talent and joy as me." She babbled on. I just stared at her hoping she would get bored and leave me alone but she just kept smiling showing her dimples upon her face so I knew I wasn't getting rid of her that easily.

"'I'm..." I began.

"Veronica Rosemary Brown. Age 15, and you went to Horton Jr High." She chirped cheerfully.

"How do you know that?" I whispered getting closer to her face.

"Your name tag. Duh!" She yelled throwing her hands back. It was true. Each ninth grade student has to wear a name tag on the first day you come to school so the teachers know who you are and the students get to know you a little better. 

"Oh, yeah." I said chuckling a bit. Just then, the bell rang and some late starters scrambled in. One of the students who trailed in was a tall handsome boy.

"Who is that?" I asked Miranda as if we were friends and if she knew everything.

"That's Daven Border. I wouldn't get too attached to him if I were you. Oh wait! I'm not you." Miranda chuckled.

" Why not?" I wondered.

"Crap!" Miranda screeched.

"What?" I asked.

"Uh...Nothing! I got to go! Bye." Miranda rushed out her mouth and pounced to her seat.

"Okay." I said slowly and slouched in my seat while the hot guy Daven made his way across the room to his seat. The teacher walked in like she owned the place. She looked like she was 100 years old and she looked all wrinkly. She clearly tried to look younger which wasn't an option. She had plastic surgery done on her face because when she talked, her mouth barley moved. The worst part though, was, she got a bikini wax You could tell by the way she walked and you could see some of her skin where she would have got the waxing was red and that was the only visible part of her without hair. I wanted to vomit but I wasn't going to embarrass myself  on the first day of school. Finally, the teacher takes her seat at the desk and begins to speak.

"Good morning little teens! I am Ms. Rosy and I will be your history teacher duh!" She chuckled.

"That was the lamest joke ever." Miranda whispered to me.

"You!" Ms. Rosy stood up.

"Me?" Miranda wondered.

"Yes you!" She yelled as if it was obvious.

"You have your first warning. And I only give out one." Ms. Rosy said snobby like leaning over Miranda's desk. Once she turned around to walk back to her seat, Miranda leaned over again and whispered in my ear,

"I don't like Ms. Rosy."

"Ya think?" I snapped. Miranda acted innocent and just backed up to her seat. For the rest of class, we talked about all the units and got our class syllabus. Finally, thee bell rang and I snatched up my stuff and quickly turned around the corner, not watching where I was going. I accidentally rammed into something or someone. I was scrambling to get my stuff because I only had two minutes to get to the next class and I didn't want to be late.

"Oh my gosh I am so sorry!" The voice said.

"It's okay." I puffed out not really paying attention. Suddenly, a hand reached down and picked up my folder.

"Here." He said. I looked up and noticed it was Daven. I slowly got up and took the folder from his hands.

"Daven right?" I asked not trying to get nervous.

"Yeah. And you're...Veronica!" He said trying to read my name tag. He looked straight into my eyes.

"Hey! You're kinda hot." He smiled, he as well, had dimples. I couldn't help but blush.

"Th-" I started but I was interrupted by the blaring sound of the bell.

"Oh no! I have to go. Thank you!" I yelled back to him as I sprinted out the room. I made my way to Mrs. Greece's class for math. Luckily, I saw Miranda. I was glad we were in the same class even though we weren't really friends yet. I managed to find and seat and I slouched down in it.

"Ahem!" The teacher said looking up from her attendance folder.

"Who are you and why are you late?" She asked me. Wow! Are all high school teachers snobby?

"Um..." I started and I could feel myself getting shaky. I am not good as the center of attention.

"She was with me!" Daven stood up from the back. How did he get here before me?

"Excuse me?" The teacher asked turning her attention to him.

"Well, I was having trouble with my locker, and, she came to help me get it open. Thank you...Veronica." Daven nodded. I decided to play along.

"Well, you are so very welcome and you should be grateful I was there to help you with your locker, issues." I smirked at him. He smiled back to me.

"Well, okay. Next time you have locker problems, you should ask a teacher to help you. Now, you guys can finish your love story later. Sit down!" Mrs. Greece yelled at us. I looked at Daven.

"Thank you." I mouthed to him. He nodded at me.

"For the rest of class, we will talk about the past and presents of pronouns and verbs." The teacher told us.

"Great!" I moaned into my supplies. For the rest of class, we did talk about the past and present of pronouns and verbs. Finally, the bell rang and it was time to go to lunch. I was grabbing my things when cold hands clutched on to my shoulder.

"Shi-Miranda?!" I screamed.

"What the hell happened?" She asked.

"What?" I was confused.

"With Daven." She speed up her words.

"Hey, does this mean we're friends now?" I asked her.

"Yeah I guess it does." She smiled.

"Then I will tell you at lunch." I said while skipping towards my locker.

"Okay." Miranda chirped and went off to the cafeteria. I walked to my locker to get my lunch box. I slowly turned the dial to make sure I didn't mess up the combination like I did earlier today. I got the lock opened just in time. Everyone just went to lunch and I had the whole hallway to myself. I looked around just to admire the empty hallway. I looked at each little piece of decoration on the door of each locker to show you whose locker is whose. I stopped when I saw a magnet on one of the lockers. It was of a football team called the Tornado's. That was the school's football team. In the back row, was  Daven. He was circled so this must have been his locker. Suddenly, a light bulb went off in my mind. I sprinted back to my locker and got a piece of paper and a pencil. I looked around to make sure no one was coming. Then, I started writing. 

Dear Daven,

You probably don't know who I am. If you did find out who 

I was though, you would recognize me. Anyway, this is the first

year I've known you but I still think something clicked when

you walked in, and I saw your eyes, I think...I fell in love. With

you, Daven.


                                Secret Daven Lover

I put my pencil down and examined the hallway again just to double check that no one was watching me. Then, I put the pencil back into my locker and gently closed it. When I turned my face, I saw Miranda standing there.

"Well, well, well." Miranda said.

"Oh my geez!" I jumped back.

"What's that?" She asked while snatching my note out of my hand.

"Give it back Miranda!" I yelled while trying to get it back but she moved it away.

"Dear Daven..." She read.

"Don't read it aloud!" I interrupted her. 

"Fine." She whined. I could tell she was reading it because her eyes were going up and down and she kept giggling. I tried to get it a couple of times but she kept blocking me from it.

"Here." She finally said handing it back to me.

"Thanks." I said sarcastically.

"Do you want help finding his locker?" She asked.

"No. I know where it is." I told her turning around toward the hallway. I found the same locker as earlier. I started to slide the note in when Miranda grabbed my arm.

"What in the hell are you doing?!" She screamed in my face.

"Putting the note in Daven's locker." I said nervously.

"That's not Daven's locker you idiot." She said.

"It-it's not?" I stammered.

"No!" She said like I was an idiot which I guess right now, I sorta am.

"Whose is it then?" I wondered.

"It's Daven's ex girlfriend Vanessa Mirelle." She answered.

"What about the picture?" I asked.

"Um hello? She was with him so he is who she would circle duh!" She said as if again, I was an idiot.

"Plus," She started.

"Why would Border, with a B, be with the M's?" She asked pointing to the locker.

"Well, maybe he.." I tried to say.

"Maybe nothing! Come on I'll show you his real locker." She took my arm and walked me down the opposite direction of the hallway and pointed to a locker which was dented in on the top. 

"Here ya's goes." She said while slapping the locker.

"Thank you." I said while slipping the note into the locker.

"How about lunch?" I asked and with that, we skipped off to the lunch room. I just can't wait till he reads the letter. This is going to be a long lunch.


A/N: Hey all my peeps a dozen! Sooooo, how do you like it so far? I have sad news for all my directioners out there. This is going to be my first story that does not include one direction, sorry. Well, I want my chapters to be as long as this one so I might not be able to update the next chapter in awhile, sorry. :( Anywhooz, I hope you like this because it is based on a real life story. So, please read my other stories and please enter my co author contest for "Stole my heart" sequel. I probably won't be able to write the sequel until I have a co author. Thanks xx Peace Homies!:) *Live long and stay strong*

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