Our inside - ONESHOOT

Think about this, maybe you've felt like this before?


1. Our inside

Sometimes the feelings inside our heads feels like exploding. We can't describe it, but i'm going to do it for you now. It feels like we don't have any friends, even though we now that we have the greatest friends in the world. Or, we acctually don't know, but they're good enough for us. We have friends having it even worse than we do. If it's real what they say. And no, we do believe them. We have to, otherwise we can't help them. Now we're talking about helping other people. That's not even good for people like us, people who hides behind a facade. The people who needs help goes to the people who looks strongest, but they don't know that they are totally wrong. The people that looks strong, are acctually, deep inside, very, very weak. They often cry. Cryies for no reason or hundreds of reasons. We can't bear it. It's too much pressure on our shoulders. And that pressure, we can't see it, but we all know that we have it us selfs, why can't we think so long that we knows that EVERYBODY in this whole world have a little or a big pressure on our shoulders? Is it a secret, is it bullying, is it a work or something totally different we have on our shoulders? It doesn't matter at all, we shouldn't have it anyways.Too much about that for now on. Let's talk about selfharm. We all have that thoughts, i know that, everyone i have talked to have it, and some of them does something about it. What does selfharm comes from? The preasure on our shoulders, yeah, you're right. After selfharm comes, what? Suicide, yes. You've felt like this, you've thought like this? Maybe.. Okay then, let's move on. Suicide is not the worst thing in the world. Suicide just tells us when is gets too much, it's sad that some poeple cant say it in other ways, but that's who we are. And we can't just change that.There are many ways to do suicide. Some people hang themselfes, some takes way too many pills, some shoots themselfes and some jumps out in front of a train. All these ways tells us that they can't handle more, and they have had it like this for, what? Ages, month, weeks or only a few days? Noone knows, cause suddenly they're gone, forever.


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