Dedications to my friends

My name is Sabitha and I love my friends there awesome in there own way. Not really a story but just wanted to tell them how awesome they are.


14. ending


These are just my main friends.All my friends are amazing and I'm proud that they are my

friends, each of us are different unique but that's what makes us all friends. Some of us are crazy will others are smart ( me being crazy) we come in all different sizes, shapes, colors. We are each unique but it makes us special and we are all different, showing friends can be anyone looking the way they are. I love my group of friends and wouldn't change them for the world, I am so lucky they are my friends and are a group of the most coolest people I know, they rock the world and are totally epic. Love you all. I thank god every day for giving me this group of friends and hope everyone has people in your lives like then.

Love your friends and families every day, and treat them well. It is not until we lose them, we realize, how much we need them, how much they mean to us. Love your friends and families forever.

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