Dedications to my friends

My name is Sabitha and I love my friends there awesome in there own way. Not really a story but just wanted to tell them how awesome they are.


1. Poem

My best friends mean a lot to me

even though I don't say it enough
I am so grateful for having you as my friends

you make my laugh till our faces turn blue
we have the silliest fights, we are a awesome group of friends.


Coming in different colour, sizes and shapes.

It shows anyone can be friends.


We are all amazing

in different ways

and specially unique

I hope we all stay friends forever

till the very end.


A day without you guys is like no sunshine in my world

you guys are totally awesome

were each special in our own way

together were indestructiable

sometimes I'm crazy, laugh too much but I'm sorry.

I don't mean to hurt you

you know I don't.


Don't know what comes over me sometimes

We always have fights hopefully not big ones

but we can't keep a fight for over a week

i want all my friends to know
that I care for them and they mean a lot to me
You guys are amazing, epic I guess
I want all of us to be friends forever
cause I never knew how much you mean to me
I may be annoying, crazy at times
but were still friends, I guess it's kind of what made us friends
you people are awesome

I love my best friends in the friends way of course
whenever I'm sad, I know your there
a shoulder to cry on someone I know will be there for me till the very end
friendship means a lot to me.

Friendship is so precious and valuable

and you treat your friends all well.

you never know how important they are until they are gone.

You guys are special and amazing.

You make a part of me and without each other were nothing
sometimes we have fights and I'm sorry for being me
you guys appreciate me being me and I truly appreciate it
friends forever till the very end.
  Were like pieces of cookies and together we are one   love you guys, thanks for being my friend.

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