The outsiders

Four best friends. One band. One dream.

This story is dedicated to my beasties inori (yes she is in the story) and jay(also in story)


4. Chapter 3

Chapter 3

Still inori's POV

Sarah smiled.
"Sorry. I freaked." She explained.
"It's okay." We all said. She was so sweet. Kirill jumped on her back.
"BE HAPPY!" He hollered. I grinned and snuck out the back of the house. I ran out the house and climbed the tree in her backyard. I grabbed an apple. I ran in and threw the apple at her. I know I'm random.
"OWW! You gonna pay for dat gurrrrl!" She yelled. She's back. Yaaaay!
We all danced around her house, having an insane pillow fight. I love my band.

Kirills POV

I was glad that we were all happy again. Well, actually Eugene didn't look that happy. I walked up too him.
"Hey wassup bro?" I questioned.he shrugged. I poked him he laughed and tackled me too the ground. I laughed along with him, as we wrestled around the floor for a while. All of this sudden I felt my body soaked with cold water. I screamed. I looked up. Sarah and Inori were dying out laughing. Both held an empty bucket. I let out a low growl. I was out for blood. A look to my side revealed Eugene was the same. We looked back at the girls but they were already running out the door. I smiled. So you wanna play that game. I grinned mischievously. We secretly plotted revenge. We could guess where they were. The treehouse.

Inori's POV

We were in the treehouse. Well I was. Sarah was on the roof of the tree house. She had duct tape and spray cheese. We rolled up the ladder so that they had to climb the tree to get up. We brought food, and soon we were ready to wait for the boys. We were probably gonna sleep out here tonight. We had brought sleeping bags, food and a mini TV and some movies. We also had our instruments in here. It's actually quite a large treehouse with enough space for all this to fit perfectly. I loved it up here. I glanced out the window, seeing the boys stroll out the front door, evil smirks on their faces. I smiled. We had a fool proof plan.

Sarah's POV

They slowly scrambled up the tree. I heard them talking to Inori. I strained my ears to hear.
"Went up to the roof. Lets go!" I heard someone say. I smiled. They crawled out the window, and I onto the roof. But I was ready. I sprayed them with spray cheese, and when they were still shocked I grabbed the tape, tied their hands behind their backs and dashed inside the window. I put poster board in front of each window. Now they are stuck on the roof. I grab a bag of wummis and turn on Finding Nemo.
"YOU'RE WATCHING NEMO WITHOUT ME?!?!?!?!" I heard Eugene scream. I heard the rip of duct tape and suddenly there was knocking on the poster board. I pulled it away and let the two loco crazy boys enter the tree house.

Eugene's POV

I smiled and ran over too Sarah.
"Will you hold my hand? This movie scares me!" I begged. She laughed and grabbed my hand. I smiled and gripped it tightly. Whatever excuse I need to get her to hold my hand. I poked her cheek. She smiled at me. Then she started throwing popcorn at me. Her phone rang. She picked it up.

"Hey babe........... Oh............oh it's okay......... Yeah I understand ......... okay ........yeah no problem. Bye babe." She hung up. She looked sad.
"What's wrong?" We all asked.
"Ummm nothing. Just ummm Ray can't make it too our date tomorrow night. No big deal. I guess we can go for a walk in the park, maybe get some hot dogs instead?" She replied.
We all chorused yes, and Inori gave her a hug. I pulled her up on my lap, quite sure she would protest but she didn't. She soon fell sleep with her head buried in my shoulder. I carried her to her sleeping bag and laid her down. When no one was looking I kissed her forehead. She mumbled out "love you ray." I almost cried. I loved her so much, but she loved ray. I pulled my covers over my head and silently cried myself into a dreamless sleep.
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