The outsiders

Four best friends. One band. One dream.

This story is dedicated to my beasties inori (yes she is in the story) and jay(also in story)


3. Chapter 2

Still Sarah's POV

It's them! I throw the door open and yell out "SLUMBAH PAHTY!" They laugh and walk in. I love those guys.

Kirills POV.

Inori was already here. I winked at her. See, I'm not sure if she told you, but we're a secret. By that I mean she's my girlfriend, but Eugene and Sarah don't. You better not tell. That will make inori unhappy, and I hate it when she's sad. Or upset. And looking at her puffy eyes I can tell that she was sad. And I nearly broke. I really wanted to go up to her and kiss her, make her smile that beautiful smile. But I can't. All because of this major secret. I don't know why it's such a big secret. Well, I guess I do. We don't want Eugene to feel left out. He would be forever alone. Me and inori together, and Sarah has a boyfriend. I don't trust him. He might hurt her, and she's like a sister. She doesn't notice him staring at Inori. I don't have the heart to tell her, he just makes her so happy. I can't ruin her happiness. None of us can. We all know except her. She never noticed that he checks out other girls. Or she chooses not too. I pull out my phone and send Inori a text.

"Heyyy babe what's wrong? Oh, and don't give me the "I'm fine chiz" cuz we all know you aren't. Now spill or ill tickle you." She gets my message and texts back.
"My parents."



"I'm sorry"

"Not your fault. Unless it is? ;)"

"I would NEVER hurt you babe"

"I'm kidding, Kirill."


I smile, seeing her smile. But her smile lights up the world. I know I know. It's cheesy. But, it is true.

Eugene's POV

I watched Sarah smile. She was so sweet. I have a huge crush on her, but she has a boyfriend. Speaking of... The doorbell rang. She opened it and surprise surprise. It was Ray, her boyfriend. Eughhh I hate him. Such a player. I hate to see her with him. She hugs him, kissing him on the cheek. That should be me. Kirill, Inori and I had this weird eye contact thing, all thinking the same thing. What. A. Player. Kirill gestured to his neck. I looked. THERE WAS LIPGLOSS ON HIS NECK!!! Sarah doesn't wear lipgloss. Like, what? If he hurts her- erughhh! The thought of that made me so mad that I punched the wall. I yelped in pain. My knuckles were bleeding, and my blood dotted the wall. Sarah gasped and ran to her room. She came back seconds later with a first aid kit. She gently wrapped my hand. Then she went to put away the first aid kit. When she reentered I tried to explain.
"I just-"she cut me off.
"I don't even want to know. Just-no." She sat down promptly. She looked so mad.
"I just don't understand. You guys all act like you know something I don't. I just-I-I'm going for a walk ." She stood up again and walked outside. I sighed.

Inori's POV

Oh no. She has no idea that her "boyfriend" was cheating on her. I rolled my eyes at him. He walked out the door. Probably to go kiss some other chick. I growled. Eugene looked like he was ready to kill someone. Kirill's fists were clenched. I looked down. My fists were too. My whole body was tensed up. I looked out the window. Sarah was walking back in. I pointed and we all fake relaxed. I was still furious. My bestie was being played. And I was not okay with that.
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