The outsiders

Four best friends. One band. One dream.

This story is dedicated to my beasties inori (yes she is in the story) and jay(also in story)


2. Chapter 1

Inori's POV

I was mad. Me and my parents got into another crazy ridiculous fight. I grabbed my car keys, and went to the one place I always feel safe. I drove down to my best friend's house. I knocked on Sarah's door. She opens the door, and sees me in tears. She enveloped me in a huge hug and patted my back supportively.
"Shhh, what's wrong? Lemme guess. You got in another fight with your parents about being a singer." She whispered. She knows me too well.
"They hate the fact that I want to be a singer so badly! They despise our band. They think y'all are a bad influence on me. They told me it was like I purposely tried to disappoint them!" I choked out. She smiled, and looked me in the eye.
"Don't cry. You only cry when people die. Unless you hate them. Then you smile. And go Yaaaay! You know what will make u feel better? Hot chocolate over a victorious marathon. Now leggo! I don't get that word. It's not let's go but leggo like that toy. Weird right?" She says. I laugh. She always makes me happier. We link arms and walk in together. Best friends.

Sarah's POV

I link arms and we skip in.

*skips victorious marathon*

I pull out my phone, and call my two other band mates, Eugene and Kirill. I guess I haven't told you much about our band. Well, there's four of us. Eugene plays guitar. He's teaching me to play as well. I'm currently drummer/songwriter. Strange mix, I know, but whatever. I'm unique. Any who, Kirill and Inori are the singers. They both have amazing voices, and can play piano. Well, she can. He plays maracas/tambourine/fruit ninja. The doorbell rings. I smile. Must be the guys now. This should be fun.
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