The outsiders

Four best friends. One band. One dream.

This story is dedicated to my beasties inori (yes she is in the story) and jay(also in story)


1. Prologue

(Third person POV)

It's almost summer. Last day of school. One last class. It starts in ten minutes. Inori slams her locker shut, keeping her pace steady, not wanting to be late. She flips her long brown hair, rolls her brown eyes, and slings her backpack over her shoulder. At the locker next to her, a blonde girl with soft chocolate brown eyes is tapping her drum sticks against her locker, humming a tune as she jogs down the stairs to class. Sarah smiles as Inori joins her on the way to class. She stuffs her drumsticks in her backpack, and slings her arm around Inori. They continue together, best friends since kindergarten. On the other side of the school Eugene mussed up kirill's brown hair. Kirill playfully growled and messed up Eugene's similar brown hair, both laughing. They spotted Sarah and inori, and jogged over to the girls. All four linked arms, and walked to the last class of the year before summer vacation.
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