Someone kidnapped me!! (Louis Tomlinson love story )

One direction is in Sweden on holiday when they meet a girl who's crying. She has bruises and wounds everywhere. She dosen't want to tell them how she got them. The guys become good friends with her and learns that her name is Melissa. In one day Melissa is kidnapped and Naill learns that Melissa is his sister.

Do you want me to write this or is it bad??


1. The five boys

( tell me if you think i should continue it or not. LOVE you all !!)

Melissa's P.O.V

I sat here in the park and cried. I diden't care that people saw. My dad had beaten me again and it hurts a lot. I should introduce myself. My name is Melissa and i'm 17. I have lived with my dad since I was born so I don't know who my mom is. I used to be a lively happy girl.STOP DAYDREAMING !!!!!!! My dad shouted and hit me. He hit me again and I coulden't stop crying. I closed my eyes. I heard someone yell STOP BEATING HER !!!!! Then everything went black

Louis's P.O.V

I saw a man beating a girl so I yelled STOP BEATING HER !!!!! Then she fainted. The man ran away and i took the girl to the hospital.I sat in the chair next to her bed. I wondered when she would wake up. My phone rang. Hey! WHERE ARE YOU!!!!!!! Liam shouted. I'm in the hospital I said. We come to you. He said.

(I'm sorry it's so short but I don't know if it's good or bad Please tell me if i spelled wrong or something else. Love you all)
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