Pinkie Promise

Gwen sees herself as merely a pretty face, too shy and too careful to live her life. She lives everyday in fear of encountering the same fate as her mother: rape. All Gwen wants is to feel like a normal person. Nobody but her closest friends knows about her illegitimate birth, but she can't help but feel isolated, even from her brother and sister, who don't know how it feels to know that your Dad, the man who's lived in her house since she was three, isn't her Father. She wants to come out of her shell, but she's afraid to trust and afraid to live- until she meets someone who leads the lifestyle she longs for.


1. The Princess Bride

The cold rubber keys on the phone pressed against my cheek as I listened halfheartedly to my mother going over the rules. "And-Gwen, are you even listening to me?" She asked sharply.

"Yes, Mom," I lied, pulling a bag of uncooked popcorn from the cabinet.

"Good. Make sure Michael is in bed by eight-thirty, and Paige by nine."

"Okay, anything else?" I said as I reached up and punched the numbers into the keypad on the microwave. One minute thirty seconds.

"There's money under the toaster for food and other stuff that you might need."

I made my way across the kitchen to the toaster and tilted it back, revealing 200 pounds. "Found it," I said simply.

"Good, remember, Auguste leaves by ten."

"What? Mom! That's not fair!"

"Well, he's not staying over the night! I don't want any pregnant girls in my house."

"Eww! No, Mom!"

"Okay, he can stay over anytime during the day, I understand you might need help with your siblings." The microwave dinged, and I pulled out the bag as a few late pops sounded within. "Your father and I will be back in a week. Do me a favor and don't kill Paige."

"Bye, Mom!"

"Bye, I love you."

The line went silent and I set the phone down on the kitchen counter. My parents were going to Manchester for a wedding, and decided to stay the whole week. As the eldest, I was left in charge of Paige and Michael. I loved them, but they were both so energetic it was hard to get a moment of peace. Thankfully Michael was asleep now and Paige was at a friend's house for the night. I found a bowl and poured the popcorn in it, popping a few pieces in my mouth.

"Hey, babe, the movie's starting!" I heard Auguste call from the living room.

"Coming!" I responded through a mouthful of popcorn. I walked onto the plush carpet of the living room and sank into the familiar crook of Auguste's arm. "Hold the popcorn," I commanded as I made myself more comfortable. I pulled my legs up on top of his and rested my head on his chest. Auguste reached out on to the ottoman, careful not to upset my cozy positions, and grabbed the blanket, draping it over the both of us.

I looked to the TV screen and watched as the first scene of The Princess Bride took place. It had always been one of my favorite movies. As a child, the idea of princesses and princes and other fairytale creatures had fascinated me. I looked up at Auguste, the pictures reflecting off his face in the dim lighting. He could be unpredictable at times, but he was my Prince.

A a bit towards the end, when they go to the Miracle Max, I checked my watch. 10:12. I knew my parents would want Auguste gone by now, but the movie wasn't done yet, and we weren't going to burn  down the house.

I finished the movie with a guilty feeling in my stomach. I was tired and wanted nothing more than to go to bed, but Auguste had other ideas.

"So, what do you wanna do now?" Auguste asked, with a mischievous spark in his eyes.

"Go to bed," I yawned, folding up the blanket.

"I'll join you."

"No, you won't"

"Come on! We never have any fun. Why not?" He asked as I made my way to the kitchen to put up the popcorn bowl.

"You know why." I avoided his stare.

"Why? Because of Michael? He's asleep."

"They're part of the reason, but the answers still no." I tried to remain calm, but my anger was rising quickly in the back of my throat.

Auguste crossed the room in one stride and seized me roughly by my upper arm. I felt tears spring up inside my eyes, but refused to let them out. I blinked them away hastily. "No, Auguste," I choked out, pulling his hand off my arm.

I regained my confidence and spoke a little louder. "Auguste, I want you to respect my limits and my answers. I'm not doing that tonight."

His sharp gaze softened, but only briefly. "Fine."

"Thank you. I'm going to bed now," I said, not forgetting to add a harsh tone. I whipped around and left the kitchen quietly, turning off the lights behind me so that Auguste would know he's not welcome. I climbed the stairs quietly and made my way to my room. Downstairs, I heard the loud bang of the door shutting, signalling that Auguste had left in a not so great mood.

The second I was sure he'd left, I broke down into tears.

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