Pinkie Promise

Gwen sees herself as merely a pretty face, too shy and too careful to live her life. She lives everyday in fear of encountering the same fate as her mother: rape. All Gwen wants is to feel like a normal person. Nobody but her closest friends knows about her illegitimate birth, but she can't help but feel isolated, even from her brother and sister, who don't know how it feels to know that your Dad, the man who's lived in her house since she was three, isn't her Father. She wants to come out of her shell, but she's afraid to trust and afraid to live- until she meets someone who leads the lifestyle she longs for.


2. Apology

Winter time had me in a bit of a love-hate relationship. I never liked the cold, but during the holidays I could easily overlook that. If the snow was fluffy enough, Michael and Paige would drag me outside to build forts and have snowball fights.

However, as I was waking up, I wanted nothing more than the chance to snuggle up under the duvet and sleep till spring, but I could hear that Michael was up and running around and if I wasn't down there soon, he'd somehow burn down the house.

I reluctantly pulled back the covers as the cold swallowed me. I rushed to my closet and pulled out a robe. Making my way downstairs, I noticed Michael had started the telly and found himself a bowl of cereal.

"Hey, Michael," I yawned.

"Yay! Gwen, You're awake! Can you get me some orange juice?"

"No, sir! This is Mum's new couch! You shouldn't even be eating on it."

"I'm being careful!"

"No," I said as I rushed to steady the bowl of cereal in his hand. "You just nearly spilled the milk!"


Outside, I saw a grey Buick pulling up in our driveway. I poked my head in the kitchen and checked the time. 11:17. Crap.

"Michael, how long have you been awake?" I asked him slowly.

"I dunno. Like, an hour maybe."

I rolled my eyes, knowing he's been up longer than that.

The door opened, and I made my way to the hallway. It was Paige, coming back from her friends house. Her pretty blonde hair was swept up around her in the wind and snow. I had always been jealous, she had her father's hair, thick and soft.

I walked outside, despite the fact that I was still in my pajamas. Her friend's Mom greeted me with a warm smile. "Hello, Gwen!"

"Good morning!" I replied. "Thank you for bringing her back!"

"Oh, it wasn't a problem. We were going that way anyway."

"Where are you going?"

"My sister's house. She holds this holiday party every year, we're going to help her set up. The Entire neighborhood is invited. You should come!" She said with mounting excitement.

It sounded fun, and it would be a good way to meet new people. We had moved from another neighborhood nearby, for reasons I don't know.

"Sure! What time?"

"It's today at four."

"Well, We'll be sure to go."

"Alright, Bye!" She said as she pulled out of the driveway.

Just as she left my line of sight, I noticed Auguste heading my way. He lived in the neighborhood, and was easily walking distance away. I sighed as I remembered last night, nothing good could come from this. He had his hands shoved in his coat pockets. He was smirking, but I noticed that he looked a bit nervous too. He should be.

"What do you want Auguste??" I sighed.

"I want to talk to you," he said coolly. "I want to apologize."

I was a bit surprised. Auguste didn't live with regrets. He didn't usually know when to apologize. I couldn't help but feel proud.

"Okay," I said, crossing my arms. I still hadn't forgiven him.

"Last night, I don't know what I was thinking. I was being stupid and selfish."

I couldn't hide it anymore. A smile broke out on my face as I reached up to hug him. "I'm glad you finally realized it," I laughed. 

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