The Story Of Two

The Lips Of Fate Touch Everyone,But This Is The Story Of Two....Jeremy and Tabitha, two people who would have never met if Jeremy hadn't been running late. Jeremy, lost in thought, runs into Tabitha, who wasn't watching where she was going. They fall in love at first sight, they don't realize this. Tabitha's ex-boyfriend, Faust, kidnaps her. Jeremy is a suspect until they get a tip from Faust's assistant, Mark, who is forced to help Faust.


4. Work And Directions

Tab's POV

I run into the boutique just before I would be late. "Well.Your late.Who were you with? You're never late!" My best friend and boss,Cinthya, asked. "I was on my way here when I ran, literally, into this really handsome guy. His name is Jeremy." I start going through my bag and realize I left my notebook on the table. "Shit!"I exclaim.

"Now what?" Cinthya asked. "I left my notebook on the table at the coffee shop. Good thing I have his number,huh?" I ask her, winking. I take out my cell and dial his number. One...two.... "Hello?" His voice asked. "Um. Hey, Jem? This is Tabitha." I start twirling my hair like an idiot and Cinthya snorts.I pick up a perfume sample and through it at her. "Hey! I noticed you left your notebook on the table. I was wondering when you would call." He starts to laugh, which makes me start to laugh. "I was wondering if you could bring it to my work? Please?" I ask pleadingly.

"Hmm,where is it?" he asked. I gave him the directions and a short time later he shows up.

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