The Story Of Two

The Lips Of Fate Touch Everyone,But This Is The Story Of Two....Jeremy and Tabitha, two people who would have never met if Jeremy hadn't been running late. Jeremy, lost in thought, runs into Tabitha, who wasn't watching where she was going. They fall in love at first sight, they don't realize this. Tabitha's ex-boyfriend, Faust, kidnaps her. Jeremy is a suspect until they get a tip from Faust's assistant, Mark, who is forced to help Faust.


8. The Morning After

Tabitha's POV

I woke up with the sun in my eyes. Wait! When did I get in bed? Then I vaguely remember Jeremy carrying me to bed. Blushing, I look under the covers and sighed. Thank GOD I am still dressed! Suddenly I smell bacon and I jump out of bed. I take the time to change and run down stairs. I see the couch is messed up. In the kitchen is Jeremy, cooking eggs and bacon. I came to a halt. He looks over at me and smiles. "Hey. Sorry I didn't leave yet, but I was to tired last night to drive and I wanted to make sure you got up okay. Then I kinda got hungry." He blushed and turns back to cooking. I walk up to the fridge and get the milk. "It's alright. You just surprised me, that's all. Thanks for making me breakfast." I smile and ask, "Want any milk?" He nods. I get a second glass for him, and I grab a few plates.

After we finish eating and are doing the dishes, I tell him, "You do realize you have to leave at some point, right?"

He laughs his deep and intoxicating laugh. Smiling he says, "Yeah, I know. But my boss gave me the day off today because he knows that I had a date and all my friends think I need to get laid." He runs a hand through his hair. I laugh to. "Funny thing is my boss gave me the day off too because of the same reason. She told me that after you left I was 'glowing and my eyes sparkled.' She also told me that was the first time she had seen me truly happy since my ex left."

He looked at me, and asked, "Your ex? How serious were you two?" I glance away and walk up the stairs, but he fallows. "Well. Can you tell me?" He looks truly concerned.

I sit on my bed, and he leans against the wall. I begin my story with a deep breath. "We were pretty serious. He asked me to marry him. I-I said no. I just wasn't ready, so I decided to brake it off with him. I thought we were through, but he couldn't handle the rejection so he started stalking me. I called the cops multiple times, but they couldn't charge him and he kept paying the bail. I tried staying with Cynthia, but he started bothering her to. So I moved back here. I haven't seen him lately, but that doesn't mean anything." Jeremy had a brooding look on his face, and I got worried.


Jeremy's POV

As she told her story I got more and more angry with this guy. I want to talk to him, and not in a friendly way. I shake my head and I look at Tabitha. She looks so sad and terrified. I clench my fist, but put on a smile. "Well. Maybe since we have a whole day off, we could make up for the lost date and go out to the movies? I promise to pay." She returns my smile, but with less conviction. "Sure, but you need to change and shower." She looks at what she is wearing and wrinkles her nose. "So do I." I nod agreement.

"How about I go home and shower, get change and come back so I can take you on a real date." She seems happy with that. "But before I leave, I have one thing I need to do..." I trailed off as I walk over to her. She looked up at me. I reach down and pull her up so she is standing in front of me. Gently I bend my head so we are centimeters apart. I look into her eyes for her permission and then I kiss her. I feel her start to sag, so I grip her around the waist. I break the kiss, and she looks about ready to faint. "I'll come get you in about an hour to a hour and a half." I leave her standing their and I walk to my car. She watches me from the door. I wave and drive away. I look back and see tears in her eyes. I curse myself for being me and keep driving. She needs time alone.


Tabitha's POV

When he was drove away I began to cry. I walked back inside and curled up on the couch and bawled for no reason. Finally, I stopped and walked up stairs. I took a nice warm shower and got ready for our date. After I was ready, I walked outside and sat on the steps. I had 10min to wait and it was nice outside.

Suddenly, my ex, Faust, was walking up to my door. "Hey, Tabby. Who are you waiting for?" When I don't answer, he leans down and asks angrily. "That asshole from last night? Is he your new boy-toy? Did you two have fun last night? Huh. Was he good. Better than me? I doubt that, but to bad that was the last time you'll see him!" He grabs me and drags me to his car. "NO! LET ME GO!" I try to scream but he covers me mouth and whispers in my ear, "Shh, my sweet. Soon we will be together forever." He ties my hand and gags me. After, he throws me in his trunk. He gets in the front and starts the car and we drive off.

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