The Story Of Two

The Lips Of Fate Touch Everyone,But This Is The Story Of Two....Jeremy and Tabitha, two people who would have never met if Jeremy hadn't been running late. Jeremy, lost in thought, runs into Tabitha, who wasn't watching where she was going. They fall in love at first sight, they don't realize this. Tabitha's ex-boyfriend, Faust, kidnaps her. Jeremy is a suspect until they get a tip from Faust's assistant, Mark, who is forced to help Faust.


2. The First Touch Of Fate

Tabitha's POV

Mmm, coffee. I have to have coffee to survive. I take out my notebook. Where was I? I begin reading and walking and drinking my wonderful coffee. Mmm, coffee. Its warm and it taste so delicious. It warms my insides as I feel it glide down my throat. I'm walking when suddenly...

"Humph. Ow. Can you watch it?" I ask the tall black haired guy who ran into me seconds ago. "My apologies madame. Can I help you up?" His deep baritone was like warm water flowing over my skin. Soft, light, wonderful, safe, and delicious. "Um..." I say, clueless to what to say to him. He begins to pick my stuff up anyway.

After he finishes that he offers me his hand. "Um. Thank you." I say, standing up. His hand is callused, and I notice a few scars. Must be a kind of guy who works with his hands.


Jeremy's POV

She's beautiful. I was lost in thought when I had ran into her. "Oh. I'm sorry," I say, but by the looks of it, it doesn't seem that she heard me. "Humph. Ow. Can you watch it?" she says , looking up at me. "My apologies madame. Can I help you up?"I ask her, leaning down. I pick up her stuff and stand back up, offering her my hand. She hesitates to take my, but eventually takes my hand and stands up. Her hands are soft and tender. "Um. Thank you." Her voice matches her hands. Soft as a feather and light as air. "Thank you for not making this a hit and run." She laughs slightly. Her laugh are like bells chiming during Christmas. "Yeah. I'm sorry for that. I wasn't really watching where I was going." I realize I was still holding her hand. I dropped it.

"My name is Jeremy. Call me Jem. My friends all call me Jem." I tell her, hoping it wouldn't be so awkward anymore. "Well.You are some man Jem. Running people over and all."

I can tell she's joking by the gleam in her eyes. She continues in her soft voice, "My name is Tabitha, but I hate it so call me Tab." I love her name. It's hard for a soft girl. "Tabitha. It's a beautiful name for a beautiful girl." She blushes and her eyes wander down.


Tab's POV

I blush and suppress a shiver when he says my name. I like him. I let my eyes wander down and then I ask him, "Are you busy? I was wondering if right now you wanted to get some coffee or something?" I say still blushing like crazing.

He tells me, "No. I have a date with a beautiful lady." It makes me look up. He's smiling and he winks at me. I realize that he was talking about me. I laugh. He got me.

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