The Story Of Two

The Lips Of Fate Touch Everyone,But This Is The Story Of Two....Jeremy and Tabitha, two people who would have never met if Jeremy hadn't been running late. Jeremy, lost in thought, runs into Tabitha, who wasn't watching where she was going. They fall in love at first sight, they don't realize this. Tabitha's ex-boyfriend, Faust, kidnaps her. Jeremy is a suspect until they get a tip from Faust's assistant, Mark, who is forced to help Faust.


10. Investagation

Faust's POV

I saunter into my mothers nursing home. "Mother?" I call, walking into her room "What? Faust? Is That you? They want me to take this gooey poo-like substance, and I don't want to." Mother is colored blind, and I can tell it is green jello. I sigh. "Mother, it's green jello. If you don't want it, I can get you something else." I move the tray and shoo the nurse out of the room. "What do you want?" My mother looks at me with confusion "What do I want? Who are you? Where is my son? Faust!? Faust, sweety come out to play!"

I look at the old bat. To bad she wont die. I want her money. I sit down and she forgets I am there. I hear a knock at the door way and look up. Standing I ask, "How can I help you,officer?" I walk toward the police officer. He nods toward the hall. "Please come down to the station and answer a few questions. You are not under arrest." He walks toward the elevator.


Police Station

They sit me in the interrogation room and after 20min a cop walks in and sits down. He leafs through a note pad and finds a clean page. "So, Mr. Geroma, did you know Tabitha Harley?" He waits for my answer. I nod and tell him, "Yes. I know her. We haven't seen each other in a number of weeks."

He writes something down and continues. "How long? Were you sexually engaged? How friendly were you?" I am shocked by this line of questioning. "We were sexually engaged, yes. We where almost engaged but she broke off our relationship." I clench my fists remembering that night


I had taken her on a romantic date, and now a walk in the park by moonlight. We sat on a bench and I told her, "I have a question I have been waiting to ask you for a while." She looks at me and I kneel in front of her. "Tabitha," I take out the ring. "Will you be my wife?" She thinks about it, stands and says, "No, I am sorry but, no. I don't love you that way." I was so shocked, but their was more, "I was actually going to break up with you tomorrow." Her heart was so cold, and after that moment I hated her...

End Of Flashback

I am back in the interrogation room and the cop keeps asking questions. I keep answering. He gets up and leaves and I relax.

Cop POV(A Look Into The Cop World)

The officer walks into the room behind the interrogation room, "Well,what is your diagnosis doc?" The psyc docter had wached and had desided whether or not he was crazy. "I think he has some issues but is supremly good at hiding them. He has Anger issues the most. His mother has multiple mental problems,such as alltimerz early, and I don't know what his dad had but he killed himself. So, I think he is a prime suspect." He walks away. They have to let Faust go. He leaves happily, but with a tail.

Jeremy's POV

I get home from work and see I have some messages on my answering machine. The first one is from Cynthia. Hmm? I listen and am shocked. Why am I a suspect? The next message is from my mom. I delete it right away.

After I shower and am reading a book, I hear a knock at my door. I see a police officer. I open the door. "Can I help you?" I ask. She looks around me into my house. "Sir, can you please come down to the station so we can clear up a few matters?" I nod but I am in my P.J.'s "Um, I can but as you can see I am not dressed correctly. Can you come in for a moment?" She fallows me inside and I run into my room and change. I walk back into my living room where she is looking around. "Okay, I am ready." She drives me there.

I am put into an interrogation room.

An officer walks in some time later. Sitting down she asks "So, you and Tabitha spent the night together?" I nod.

"Did you have any sexual acts?" I shake my head and explain "No. I had met her that day and wanted to take her out, but we missed our reservations. We decided to get take-out and watch a movie. She fell asleep halfway in. After I took her to her room I went back to finish the movie but I fell asleep on the couch."

She takes notes. "Did you see her before that day?" I shake my head.

The officer asks, "Where were you when she was kidnapped?" I look up at her.

"I was at my house showering and changing. I already told this to your superintendent. Why am I here?"

"Can you back that up?" She asked.

"Um. Yes I can! My neighbor saw me leaving. She was sitting on her porch, and asked me to give her her newspaper, and to get her mail. I told her I could. She asked what time it was and I told her it. It was around 10 o'clock!" I smile knowing Mrs.Lavend will back me up.

"I will check that out." She nods and stands. Walking out of the room she tells me, "You are still a suspect." They have someone take me home. I back to stay at my bosses shop.


Cop's POV

The female officer walks into the back room. "Well?" The sheriff asked.

 The psych examiner shakes his head. "Most defiantly not the kidnapper. He is to nice and feeling. You can see how deeply he feels for the girl. I place my bets on Faust."


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