The Story Of Two

The Lips Of Fate Touch Everyone,But This Is The Story Of Two....Jeremy and Tabitha, two people who would have never met if Jeremy hadn't been running late. Jeremy, lost in thought, runs into Tabitha, who wasn't watching where she was going. They fall in love at first sight, they don't realize this. Tabitha's ex-boyfriend, Faust, kidnaps her. Jeremy is a suspect until they get a tip from Faust's assistant, Mark, who is forced to help Faust.


11. Innocent Or Guilty

Faust's POV

I drive around and take care of some errands. I run home and I wait until my tail falls a sleep then I slip out and drive to see Tabitha and Marquis. If he touched her I will kill him and then her.

Tabitha's POV

The sky slowly darkens. I look over at Marquis. "Can I have something to drink?" I ask the huge man. He shakes his head and grunts a "No". I sigh "okay". Headlights light up the front of the barn and I sigh. Great. Faust was back. He saunters into the room. He walks right up to me. "They are looking for you. They even questioned me and that boy-toy of yours. They tailed me, but not him. I think they know something." He grabs my hair and wrenches it back. I clench my teeth. He smiles. "You were always so strong and your heart was always so cold." He lets go and asks Mark, "Marky-boy, did she ask for anything?" He nods and says, "Water." This makes Faust smile. He walks over to a hose and asks "You wanted water?" I nod slightly. He turns the hose on and stands in front of me. He sprays me with it and he stops asking "Still thirsty?" I shake my head. "No" I gasp out. He smiles and walks over, dropping the hose. He leans over and kisses me, roughly. He was always rough. He pulls back after I bite his lip. He growls and wipes the blood off. I spit at his feet. "Oh, don't worry we will cure you of that soon enough." He smiles and glances at his watch. "Mark in an hour feed her, carefully." He gets in his car and leaves. I sigh and look at Mark. He is watching the sun rise. Finally he walks over and unties me saying "If you run I will shoot you in the foot." I nod and rub my wrists. He sits me down at a table and gives me a microwave meal. I ask between bites, "Why are you doing this?" He says sadly, "He has my daughter. He said he will kill her. He met me in prison. He went for some minor thing and I was in because I had killed someone, but I didn't mean to. I was just so angry." His eyes are filled with tears. "He took my baby and said unless I help him I will be attending her funeral. I realize he probably killed her, but there is a chance she is alive." I eat and ask, "What is her name?" He shifts his weight slightly and says, "Amanda." I pat his hand and finish eating. "Do you have a towel I could use?" He shakes his head "Sorry. No."

Captain Jake Foundling POV

Why can't the criminal just ever come forward? But, no of course not. I look at both pictures. One of Faust and one of Jeremy. One has probable cause, one has means. Both have a time frame. Both have an alibi. I see lieutenant Jacobson standing at my door. "What?" I ask. "Um. Well. Er..." He runs a hand through his hair and says, "We kind of lost Faust, sir." He flinches when my fist hits the desk. "WHAT?" I yell. "The cop on duty fell asleep and Faust escaped. He hasn't come back and he isn't with his mom." I growl after he finishes. "Get me the cop that was on duty. NOW." He runs to find him.

Jacobson walks back with an officer. I think his name is Tomas Quinn. "Sit. Tomas Quinn, right?" I ask. He nods. "Jacobson, leave." He leaves, but him and a few others stand near by. I stand and shut the blinds on my windows. I ask, "How did you loose Mr.Geroma?" Quinn says, "I decided to rest my eyes. See my wife and I just had a baby and he has been keeping us up at night. I decided to rest my eyes for a moment and the next thing I know my relief officer, David Sauser, is knocking on my window asking where Faust is." I sit down and say, "Okay. You have a couple of days to rest and take care of your son. I remember when my kids used to be like that." He stands and leaves. I call, "Jacobson. Here, now." He comes running. "I want an APB out on Faust, and his car. He is the kidnapper. There is no other reason he is running other than that. Call Mr.Quincy and let him know he is no longer a suspect. GO!" He runs out the door. "Wait! I gave Quinn 2 days off, so call in a replacement. I want every station in the state aware that we have a kidnapper out their with a victim. I want everyone ready for the worse. Now you can go." He runs out the door and starts ordering people around.

I walk out of my office and walk over to the coffee machine. Everyone knows I am in no mood for it.


3 Hours Later


I answer my phone. It was a tip line. One of my boys said she would only talk to me. "Hello?" I say

"Hello, Captain Jake Foundling?"

"Yes, Ma'am?" I ask her.

"I was visiting my mother out by the bayou. I drove by a red barn and saw the car from the news, and the kidnapper. It was near Lake Leary. Their was this large man with him."

"Thank you ma'am. We will look into it." I hang up and yell, "JACOBSON!!! IN HERE! NOW!" He comes running in. "Yes sir?" He asks "I just got a good tip. A barn out in the bayou. By Lake Leary. Grab your team and get out there. I think we found him." He nods and walks out calling his team to gather. I look at my banner. It says "Vine, Vi, Vencí." The rough translation was: "I came, I saw, I conquered." I walk out of there and saw: "I will take lead."


Faust's POV

I swear. The bitch drove by. I run inside and untie Tabitha. "Mark. Pack up and hide out. I will call you with our location. Stop and bye more rope, duck-tape, wire-ties, and food." I turn back to Tabitha. "You are coming with me." As we walk by Mark I say, "Make sure you leave nothing. No clues or numbers. Or your little girl will be dead." I smile and walk Tabitha to the car. I throw her in the trunk. "Sorry sweetie, but we are taking a trip to the city." I laugh and slam the trunk shut.


Tabitha's POV

The bastard was talking to Mark outside. Possibly about me. I couldn't care less. I think it's day 4 or so. I lost count. Faust left, but came back. Real fast. I wonder if she is on the news? I hear him telling Mark, "We are going to move-SHIT." He starts giving Mark orders. He grabs me. After he slams the trunk shut, I start trying to kick the door up and out but it hurts my foot. Shit. Shit. Shit. Shity Shit Shit! I hate him. The bastard reinforced the goddamn door. The little fucker. I decide to start calling him names in Latin. He doesn't understand and I need to practice my Latin anyway. "Sterculus, Stercus caput, efutue, Lupae filius, Irrumator." I stop and sigh. He is such an ass. Why did he kidnap me? I feel the car go over the bumps and ruts in the road. I sigh and lay more comfortably. I decide to take a nap. Not much could happen anyway...

I wake suddenly as fake light shines in my eyes. I try to shield my face, but my hands are tied. Right I was kidnapped. Faust smiles down at me. "I found us a nice place to stay." He walks me inside a dark and damp building. A bad part of town. He walks me up a flight of stairs and locks me in a bedroom. It has no windows and one lamp. It has a toilet in the corner with a small sink. Gross. "I will be back, sweety." He says and kisses me. I try to fight but he throws me on the bed. Damn. I forgot how strong he really is.

He leaves. I hope he sends Mark. I like him better. He talks more and is nice. I see the light under the door get brighter and remember there was a window in the hall, but I'm on the 4th floor. So I can't jump. Fuck.

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