The Story Of Two

The Lips Of Fate Touch Everyone,But This Is The Story Of Two....Jeremy and Tabitha, two people who would have never met if Jeremy hadn't been running late. Jeremy, lost in thought, runs into Tabitha, who wasn't watching where she was going. They fall in love at first sight, they don't realize this. Tabitha's ex-boyfriend, Faust, kidnaps her. Jeremy is a suspect until they get a tip from Faust's assistant, Mark, who is forced to help Faust.


3. Coffee And A Number

Jem's POV

We walked down the street to a small cafe. "Um,what do you want?" I asked her. "Well, you owe me a black coffee, so I'll have one of those." She smiled and found us a place to sit. I ordered my usual, a large coffee with cream and a whole lot of sugar. And her black coffee, ugh, gross!

"So. What were you doing walking down the street?" she asked me after sitting down across from me. "I was walking home after selling some weapons." I see the look she gives me. "No, I don't do it illegally. The company I work for send people out with samples to people who call and make an appointment. It is kinda like getting a new carpet or getting your house painted." I try to explain. "OK. So I told you what I was doing, now how about you?" I ask her.

She took a sip of coffee "I was walking from the square where I have a booth. I sell short stories. People give me an idea,or a story line and I make it happen. I give it to them the next day, or next time they come by. Mmm. Thanks for the coffee." She takes another sip.


Tab's POV

I look at my watch. "Oh, I'm sorry to cut this short but I have gotta get to work. I have an after noon job. I work at a boutique." I began to pick up my stuff. "OK, here's my number." He writes his number on a napkin. "Call me, um,if you want to...." He looks so nervous.

I tell him. "I do want to call you." He looks happy. I peck him on the cheek, blush and run. Mostly because I'm embarrassed and because I'm late as hell.

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