His Katniss

This isn't your average love story. Josh and Tessa defenitly are not your average couple. But when they meet it becomes True Love! <3


2. A Miracle?


                As I walk in i go to my room. Well its not really a room I share it with 15 girls and all I have is a bed and five pairs of clothes. I lay on my bed and dream of a life with family. A mom, dad they don't have to be perfect as long as they love me!


             Mrs. Madaline tells me to come into her office. Why does she want me in her office? Oh my god i'm getting a family! Her office is so nice and clean. So help me god if she spent all of the money on her office instead of helping us. Her hair is in a bun and she is wearing a black suit.


          She tells  me my aunt Caroline has been searching for me ever since she heard about me. She would like me to come live with her. But, she lives all the way in California in a Mansion. Im going though I need to start a new life! 



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