His Katniss

This isn't your average love story. Josh and Tessa defenitly are not your average couple. But when they meet it becomes True Love! <3


1. My Story

                  It was a summer afternoon as I walked home from school. It was the last day of school in fact but i don't have much planned. The wind was blowing in my face louder than ever. I pass my school,the pond and the post office. I turn onto Bickmore Drive and walk into Mrs. Madalines Foster Homes. Let me guess this is not where you thought i lived but i'm a ORPHAN!! 

                  For as long as I now ive been a orphan. Im Tessa Anderson, I live in Utah and  i'm 17.   I was abandoned at birth and I have coming between foster homes back in forth for my whole life. No one can know though if anyone in my grade found out I would be the biggest laughing stock ever.  Most kids in my grade live in Mansions or Pent Houses.  


       I dont have any friends. I get free lunch. I sit alone. I never just hung out. Its hard to get food. I do not have a family. I've never been to prom. I do not think i have enough money for college or for when i grow up. But this is my life!



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