True's Love kiss from a vampire

Meet Annie, an ordainary middle school student. For now.


3. T he Vampire

As I sat in choral music room thinking about what just happened, I thought I was crazy. I fell for a vampire. I thought how could this be, well he was still cute and funny but dangerous. I decided to ask Olive what to do, as I walk to science with Olive I told her as I walked. She said I was just imaging the things, so I guessed I just was. I had a huge surprise when I got to science, I had been doing experiments by myself for two months. Since James was new, he didn’t have a lab partner nether did I, so me and him were lab partners. As I went over the basic rules of the lab with him, he understood them all. We started working, my class was working on Newton’s first law. As the ball drifted down the ramp, I felt a cold hand over mine. I looked down to see James’s ice cold hand on my warm hand. As much as I hated the coldness, I kept my hand there. It felt great with my warm hand. I never knew he liked me like this. He had great feelings, for a vampire



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