True's Love kiss from a vampire

Meet Annie, an ordainary middle school student. For now.


2. Had Me @ Hello

As I worked through the simple math problem I thought about James, and how different he was. He was cute, funny, and kind. Unlike other guys that had an ego as big as Jupiter, he was as kind and sweet as could be. As escaped first period as the second bell to second period he seemed to find me in the hallway as I walked to choral music with one of my best friends, Olive. As he caught up with me and Olive, went caught up with Megan as I talked to James. Of Course he was sweet like always. We had just met this morning but it felt like we had known each other forever. As we talked we walked together, the souls of my shoes gave way to the slippery floor. James caught my hand just before my head hit the floor, he held my hand for extra support. As we both headed for two different rooms, me heading for vocal music, and him heading for band. As I walked into the room, my choral teacher asked me to sing Had me @ hello by Olivia Holt. As the golden notes came clear out my throat, I felt a sudden presence in the room. I saw a flash of brown hair come before me. Was James what I thought he was?

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