True's Love kiss from a vampire

Meet Annie, an ordainary middle school student. For now.


1. Meeting an unknown Vampire

I woke on a bright Monday morning, and there was a small sense of love in the air. My mom called me downstairs for my vegetarian breakfast, potatoes, broccoli, and grain mixed together in a bowl. After eating my breakfast and brushing my teeth I headed towards my school, Sligo Junior High. While I was in my B.E.S.T class there was a new student in the seat behind me, that seat had been vacant since the beginning of the school year. As the class began the teacher introduced the new kid. His name was James. He was tall, and had brown hair. I fell for him instantly. I calmly introduced myself, “Hi my name is Annie.” He calmly replied back “Hi my name is James.” He had light green eyes that made me feel in a deep haze of true love, and it felt like he was in one too. As the bell rung for first period he had pre-algebra and had math 7 which were right across from each other so he walked me to class. He felt different from other boys. It was totally unknown to me.

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