My life: Anonymous

Well here it goes, I am now going to tell you my life story. You may be thinking "Why do I even care?" Well, you might not. But my story is pretty interesting, actually its just kinda sad. I'm not going to tell you my name, I am not going to tell you any real name. I am going to make up names. Now, before you go, just take a look. You might find this interesting. or utterly boring, just give it a try.


1. So it begins: Fifth grade

So here it goes. Chapter one, of many more. Alright, so I'm going to go back to where it all started: The fifth grade. Well, I went to an elementry school since first grade, but then we moved to another town so I was forced, well I guess it was my choice, to go to another school. I'm completely lazy and cannot think up any other school names, so I'm not going to tell you one. But I will tell you my name... My name is Ashley. Ashley Wilson. So during fifth grade I lived with my mother, father, and sister. Lets say my mothers name is Margret, Father's name is Tom, and my older sister's name is Lilly. We lived in a huge house, well I was little so maybe I just remember it huge. It was a beautiful house. Peach colored on the outside, two living rooms, three bedrooms, big kitchen, foyer, two, actually three bathrooms.. If you count the one outside. Oh, it also had HUGE deck. with a pool! You could say it was pretty great to live there. Another great thing about living there, is that my bestfriend lived directly behind my house. I'm not going to say her name, because she is irrelivent to the story. So lets get on with this story then. We couldnt afford our amazing house anymore, and we we had to move to a smaller house. It was beautiful too, but the first house will always be my home. So, we moved there and once we were all settled in I started a new school, it was literally like two minutes from my house. The first day of school, no one seemed to like me. Maybe it was all in my head, but I'm pretty sure everyone had a friend except me. I was the loner. We were in groups on the first week of school. anddd....

"Hey you kind of remind me of my cousin." One boy had said.

"Oh cool, what does she look like?" I smiled, someone was finally taking an interest to me.

"Oh, its a boy."

I dont really remember the moment perfectly, but I think it went something like that. So I went home and of course I was really upset. But I thought you know, maybe it will get better...It didnt. After about three weeks I kept missing school, and I would stay at my grandmothers house. Things were not going good. I could tell the kids did not really have an interest in being my friend. I went to my mom and dad and I told them everything, of how the kids did not talk to me, and I was an outcast. So finally they pulled me out of that school and they put me back in my old school. I couldnt have been happier, boy was I wrong.

The first couple months were good, I was making my old friends again, and everything seemed to be going smoothly. Well, then a new girl came her name was.. Maria. She was so nice, or so I thought. We really became good friends. It was a group of us Giselle, Maria, Me, Ashley(another ashley), Harriet, and Allie. We ruled that fifth grade class. I also had a "boyfriend" obviously it wasnt a realy boyfriend, I mean I was only in fifth grade. Life was really good. But then Maria started saying mean things about me. And the whole group decided to hate me. Except Ashley. She was my bestfriend. She was always there for me. But the whole class started to join in on hating me. I was getting sick of it, I was going home crying everyday.

Finally everyone decided to forget about it, I starting becoming friends with my "group" again. I was so happy, after about a month... it started happening again. But Giselle and Ashley didnt join in on it. But then, they got Giselle to start to hate me. I was so depressed, I went home crying again. Then, these other two girls, Jennifer and Alexandria told my "boyfriend" that I didnt really like him. It wasnt the fact that I had lost my "boyfriend" it was the fact that I had lost more friends. My fifth grade year kept getting worse.

There was a field trip coming up, and I was praying I didn't get stuck with Maria, Giselle, and Allie. So, me and Ashley went to the guidence counselor, we told her about everything, and I also told her I was scared to go on the field trip, because I didn't want to get stuck with the group.

Well, the teacher let us pick our own groups, thank goodness... Did I mention it was a bowling trip? Oh, well it was. Anyways, I was in a group with Ashley, I dont think there was anyone else, but forgive me its been about 5 years. So, we got there and we were having a lot of fun, bowling. About a half an hour into the trip, the "group" came over and talked to us. Maria apologized, at least thats how I remembered it. I forgave them, and we continued bowling with them.

The rest of the year went smoothly, regardless it was only like one month left, it still went better. Fifth grade graduation came around and it went well, then the fifth grade dance, and we all went together. So, it sounds like that was the end of Maria and the "group" you are so wrong.

About a week or so after school let out I hung out with Giselle, we had fun and it was fine. But then, maybe a couple weeks later I started getting texts from Giselle saying

-I hate you.

-we arent friends.

And a bunch of things like that, I was getting really upset, and I kept getting those texts. One day when I was getting those texts, I texted back saying

-What happened? What did I do?

she texted back...

-that was Maria.

Maria!?! Again!?? When would she stop. The answer was she wouldnt, until my mother took it in her own hands. But I wouldnt find out what she did until seventh grade...

Finally the texts had stopped, and I carried on with my summer.

This wasn't the end.. Boy, do I wish it was... But it isnt.

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