The city never sleeps

Something I wrote for a friend of mine who was doing a little workshop and asked me to write something. I decided to put it on here though.
Its just a little descriptive thingy about a city...


1. The city never sleeps

The city never sleeps, it carries on. The twinkling lights of bars and cars flicker from a distance as a passer by watches the town from afar. 
The shops on the side of dingy streets advertise their products on large window displays, which light up ever so often by a cars headlights as they  drive past. They shout out offers and deals as you walk past, begging you to buy them. Some windows are boarded up in a hasty manner, whilst others look on the verge of being boarded up also. 
The nearby beach has a couple walking along it, enjoying the cool sand under their feet as they avoid the fresh seaweed that has been hauled across the beach by the tide. The waves ride in and out, scraping a little sand or debris with them each time they move back.
The evening air brushes the faces of the late goers, who march on through the night... Determined to finish their days work, though the sun has long since set.
On the other side of town, in an old hotel, a manager runs his gnarled hands through thinning grey hair. He pores over a stack of bills, trying to come up with a solution to the demands for money. 
Inside room 304 of his decaying hotel, a couple scream at each other through the night. Each declaring their needs to be more vital than he other persons is. 
Just outside stands a chip shop, Ye olde chippy, reads the peeling paint on its walls. A middle aged woman in overalls plasters a smile on her lined face as she starts to prepare another bag of greasy delights for another customer. Her brown hair has been scraped back into an untidy bun, yet a few loose strands escape into her tired eyes. 
A group of boys come inside and start to moan about the service, slapping money down on the counter as they place their orders. Serving them quick, much to the disgruntlement of the waiting customers, the woman blows a breath out as they leave at last.
" Oh its beautiful!" Says the girl whose boyfriend  has just proposed on the beach.
" Get out!" screams the woman in room 304.
" Its over..." whispers the manager in his hotels office.
" Next!" Calls the woman in the chip shop. 
So much goes on in one town... So much that... It never sleeps.

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