Something to remember

Harry and the boys are on break from their tour, having fun and relaxing. But when beautiful and confindent Jenna tumbles through his window one night, everything changes. She takes him on an adventure of a life time and shows him a love he's never expirienced.


5. you were different

Long story short the girls and I ended up beating the boys 6-0. What can I say, we were some kick ass volleyball players. "Told you, you guys were going down" I laughed. "You should never challenge East View Highs 3 best volleyball players." "i'll keep that in mind when i meet them" Harry teased, playfully  bumping me with his shoulder. "Shut up. Your just being a sore loser." I replied "Talk to the hand" He said putting his hand right in my face. I shoved it aside. "Hey so earlier when I said your going down Styles why did you look so confused." "Honestly, I didn't think you even knew who we were." He said shoving his hands in to the pockets of his swimming trunks. I raised an eyebrow "Are you kidding? Elody just about died when she saw who you guys were. How could we not know?" He shrugged " I dunno I guess whenever we meet fans their always just so loud and hyper and you just acted normal. You were different" I smiled at this "Well I just thought you guys get enough of that fan girling crap plus I had just almost run over you so consider my calmness a way of repaying you for almost ending your life." He laughed and I laughed with him. "Ok well I think I'm going to head back up to my condo for some food. I had a fun time beating you guys at volleyball." I smiled. I started walking away when he called out "Hey whats your name?" "Jenna" I replied. He smiled at me then said "Well it was nice meeting you Jenna." "Nice meeting you to


"Guys its only been one night and I can't handle sleeping on the ground again" I moaned as I washed the plates in the sink from dinner. "Well to bad because I have the first week" Katie called from the living room. "Please I'll do anything" I begged, scrubbing hard to get this grease stain of the plate. "Nope, no way, this is my week" " Katie pleeeeease" I turned around to give her the puppy dog face. She thought about this for a moment then said "You'll do anything?" "Yes just let me sleep on the bed" "Ok" she said with a smug look on her face. "Really?" I asked already dreaming about laying on that comfy bed. "Yea you just have to do a couple things" "What things?" I asked warily.

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