Something to remember

Harry and the boys are on break from their tour, having fun and relaxing. But when beautiful and confindent Jenna tumbles through his window one night, everything changes. She takes him on an adventure of a life time and shows him a love he's never expirienced.


9. beach

"I can't beleive you just spent an entire night with Harry Styles!" Elody squealed kicking her feet up in the air. I crash landed onto the couch curling my body against the cushions. "What was it like being with him?" Katie urged toying with my hair

"It was amazing " I yawned. "We had such a great time, it was like we had been friends for years or something" I could pratically hear Elody and Katie's smiles widdening. I had explained to them every last detail of the night but they still seemed to be in the shock of it all. I was even still questioning whether it had actually happened, It all seemed to perfect. I kept my phone on beside me, countinously pulling up the perfectly unperfect picture of me and Harry.                                                    

 "Elody and I are going up to the beach" I heard Katie call from the other room. "Were going on a boy hunt!" Elody chirped in. I heard them grab their towels then open and close the door followed by the faint click of the lock. Finally alone I closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep

I woke up around 3 Elody and Katie weren't in the condo so I figured they were at the beach. Still tired I wasn't in the mood to get in the water so I just slipped on my shorts and East View High t-shirt, I kept my hair down in its natural loose waves grabbed my sun glasses and headed out to go meet up with them.

When I got to the beach I could see Katie Elody and the boys playing out in the water, by the looks of it Liam and Niall were trying to teach Katie and Elody how to boogey board. I walked up to the edge of the ocean, a sheen glass hand of water swept over my feet. "It lives" I heard a voice come from behind me. I whirled around to Harry smiling at me, boogey board in hand. "Hey" I responded walking over to him.

"I wasn't expecting you to be up for ages, you were about to pass out when we made it up to your condo" Harry exclaimed brushing his curly wet hair from his face. "I figured I'd join you guys" I shrugged. I heard a shriek come behind me and I turned around in time to see Elody fall face forward into the water. Everyone errupted into a chorus of laughs when Elody popped up out of the water, her hair hanging in her face.

"You gonna get in the water?" Harry asked taking a step towards me. "Nah I'm tired plus I don't have a bathing suit on." I responded. "Ah come on, I can teach you how to boogey board" he pressed. "I'm to tired" I moaned hugging my arms around myself. "Come on" he pleaded giving me puppy dog eyes. I felt a flutter in the pit of my stomach. "Nooo" I said dragging on the "o". "Fine you leave me no other choice" Harry responded. "What do you me-" I was cut off by Harry picking me up and slinging me over his shoulder. I shreiked and started flailing my arms "I swear to god Harry do not drop me into this water! let me go!" He just laughed and kept walking farther out into water. "Harry I'm wearing my clothes do not drop me in" I wrapped my legs around his waist, the water grazing my feet. "Don't be a wimp" he teased pretending to almost drop me in the water. I wrapped my arms tighter around his neck "If you drop me I will end your frickin life do you hear me!" I squealed. I felt his arms loosen around my thighs "Ready?" he asked "No please its cold!" I begged "1...2...3" He leaned backwards and we both fell into the water.

I clung to him as we resurfaced. God he had strong arms. My eyes stung from the salt water and I could taste the bitterness of the ocean in my mouth. I felt Harry's hand on my face as he used his thumbs to gently wipe the water from my eyes. "See that wasn't so bad" He smiled. Our faces were so close I could see small specks of sand lining his cheeks. "It was horrible" I said quietly as I reached my hand out to brush the sand off his face. I realized he was still holding me so I untangled myself from him my feet crashing onto the gooey sand floor.

"Hey me and the boys are having a bonfire on the beach tonight. You and your friends should come." Harry said flashing me another one of his adorable smiles. "Yea that be great" I responded, my heart pounding. "Great be there at 9"

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